ESkill Best Hiring Assessments For State And Local Government Agencies

More than 71% of organizations used employment assessment tests in 2019  to ensure “objectivity and fairness in candidate screening,” according to the Talent Board’s most recent North American Candidate Experience report. This is not surprising since online pre-employment testing enables talent acquisition professionals to quickly and accurately identify top talent.

eSkill has the most extensive library of customizable employment assessment tests in the industry, which makes it easy for clients to select and configure tests that align with the exact requirements for any position.

Administrative and Clerical Tests

eSkill offers a wide selection of customizable administrative and clerical employment assessment tests, that enable organizations to effectively assess the unique competencies required of any position. Here is a look at the most popular job-based administrative and clerical tests used by state and local governments.

  • Deputy City Clerk Skills Test: Evaluates candidates’ proficiency in planning, organizing, and directing an efficient operation, communication skills, accounting knowledge, and attention to detail.
  • Library Clerk Skills Test: Measures candidates’ ability to order and process new materials and equipment, stock and shelve items correctly, maintain periodical files and records, and respond to routine inquiries.
  • Administrative Assistant Skills Test: Assesses candidates’ communication skills and ability to perform administrative tasks efficiently using various computer applications.
  • Data Control Clerk Skills Test: Evaluates candidates’ ability to register data correctly; verify the exactness of registered data, add, delete, and change information when appropriate, and maintain specific databases.

In addition to these job-based skills tests, many government agencies choose questions from single-subject tests to create unique job-relevant skills tests. eSkill has hundreds of single-subject tests for administrative and clerical positions, including:

  • Data Checking
  • Office Filing
  • Email Etiquette
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Numerical Proofreading
  • Multitasking Simulation
  • Data Entry Simulations
  • Timed Typing Tests
  • MS Office® Simulations
  • Business Communication
  • Time Management
  • Attention to Detail

Tests for Public Safety Positions

Police officers, firefighters, corrections officers, and emergency dispatchers provide essential and even life-saving services. With lives on the line, it is important that agencies hire the right people. With over a thousand standard employment tests that measure behavioral characteristics and technical skills, employers can easily customize skills tests that align with any public safety position.

Assess the foundational skills needed in public safety roles with these basic skills tests:

  • Basic Math Test: Measures candidates’ grasp of basic arithmetic.
  • Directional or Spatial Reasoning Test: Evaluates job-seekers’ ability to understand and utilize maps and plans.
  • Technical Writing Skills Test: Measures candidates’ ability to effectively and clearly write information in a professional setting.
  • Reading Comprehension Skills Test: Evaluates candidates’ ability to read and understand the meaning of text, including implied ideas.
  • First Aid Skills Test: Measures candidates’ ability to appropriately respond to cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies, knowledge of trauma and shock treatments, poisoning and anaphylaxis, exposure to extreme cold, heat, and electricity, and other emergencies that require first aid.

With the following behavioral assessment modules, employers can evaluate the personality traits and emotional intelligence essential to succeeding in various public safety roles:

  • Multitasking Simulation: Measures candidates’ ability to multitask, exhibit impulse control, and tolerate stress.
  • Following Directions: Evaluates candidates’ ability to work well under supervision and collaborate.
  • Service Orientation: Measures candidates’ ability to respond empathetically and compassionately to others and their ability to work cooperatively.
  • Judgment and Decision Making: Assesses candidates’ honesty, integrity, dependability, and personal biases.

In addition to these single-subject skills tests for public safety positions, eSkill offers a job-based 911 Dispatcher Skills Test. This test identifies candidates who are capable of prioritizing and dispatching calls to the appropriate departments, advising callers of the best course of action, and maintaining electronic records.

Selecting Legally Compliant Skills Tests

When using skills testing in the hiring process, employers must ensure employment assessment tests do not violate federal, state, or local laws and comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines. These laws and guidelines describe a legally compliant test as a valid and reliable measure of potential on-the-job performance. Simply put, employment assessment tests must evaluate the specific skills, aptitude, and knowledge required to complete the tasks and fulfill the responsibilities of a job. Agencies must carefully select tests that only evaluate the critical competencies of positions.

Partnering with eSkill, an industry leader in pre-employment testing compliance, is the first step toward implementing legally defensible skills testing. With a nearly 20-year record free of litigation, eSkill provides organizations with the tools and support to develop legally-sound employment assessment tests. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers also provide clients with unlimited support and training so they can feel confident creating and administering employment assessment tests.

Identify candidates with the required skills and aptitude efficiently and effectively with eSkill’s user-friendly pre-employment testing platform to ensure that your organization selects the best possible talent.

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