Employer’s Guide to Effective Data Entry Assessment Testing

Business leaders consider data entry an important company function because management cannot make informed decisions if data is not current and accurate. Employees from data entry clerks to senior executives must organize and manage alpha and numeric data. When they hire data entry operators, HR teams use a data entry assessment and a 10 key […]

Unlocking Precision: Alphanumeric Data Entry Testing for Employers

Alphanumeric data entry refers to using a computer to input information that includes numbers and letters. Professionals who input alphanumeric data typically store it in databases and spreadsheets. Their job performance is evaluated on precision (number of keystrokes per hour) and accuracy. The following are the criteria HR professionals and hiring managers look for when […]

Data Entry Testing Solutions for Smart Hiring

The digital revolution has touched every industry, and computer skills are now a must-have rather than a nice-to-have qualification for many jobs. However, some jobs must still be done manually, and data entry is one of them. Data entry operators must enter information quickly and accurately and organize and manage data. So, HR teams use […]