Which Pre-Employment Assessment Tests Help You Hire the Best Employees

The hiring process has become complicated because traditional recruiting tools are ineffective. HR teams used to rely on resumes, applications, and interviews. However, they cannot assume the information on candidates’ resumes and what they learn during interviews are accurate because over 85% of candidates lie on their resumes and during job interviews. Employers are also […]

How Customizing Pre-Employment Tests Helps You Make Better Hiring Decisions

Hiring mistakes cost the average company thousands of dollars each year. Research shows that if a company terminates a manager who earns $65,000 after 2.5 years of service, it costs around $840,000, including hiring expenses, salary, benefits, severance, reduced productivity, and loss of customer goodwill. The average employer incurs costs of around $240,000 to recruit […]

Implement a Pre-Employment Testing Solution to Minimize Hiring Mistakes

Every HR professional’s dream is to find the ideal candidate for every job. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done for two reasons. First, there is a lack of candidates with the skills today’s organizations need. In fact, companies have been seeing a growing shortage of in-demand skills for the past decade. The second […]

How Pre-Employment Tests Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Hiring is often a time-consuming and frustrating process. While the average time-to-hire is about 20 to 30 days, it is often over 40 days for companies in many industries, such as finance, engineering, IT, and research. Streamlining recruiting is a top priority for companies because they must find qualified candidates to fill critical jobs. This […]

When to Use Skills Tests Versus Behavioral Assessments

A Harvard Business Review study proves that high productivity consistently results in significantly higher profits and faster growth. The best companies are over 40% more productive than their nearest competitors and have operating margins that are 30% to 50% higher than industry peers. Your employees play a primary role in your success because having highly […]

How Employment Assessments Speed Hiring and Save You Money

HR professionals worldwide are finding it challenging to locate qualified talent to fill critical job openings because of a talent shortage that has been building for the past decade. Businesses are facing the highest skills shortage in over a decade. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, talent shortages in the U.S. have more than tripled during […]

How Employment Testing Helps Organizations Innovate in a Down Economy

Are we headed toward a recession? That is a question many CEOs and industry experts are asking.  According to economic experts, we are officially in a recession if there are two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth. This has not occurred as of January 2023, but astute business leaders know it is important to […]

How Businesses Use Pre-Employment Tests to Hire Better and Faster

A question on every HR professional’s mind nowadays is how to attract qualified applicants with the right skills and experience. Organizations nationwide across all industries are struggling to find the talent they need because of the talent shortage we are experiencing. In this challenging hiring environment, HR teams need a well-planned strategy to recruit and […]

How Pre-Employment Testing Simplifies Your Entire Hiring Process

Hiring is a complex, time-consuming, and often frustrating process. The average time-to-hire is typically between 20 and 30 days, but it can be over 40 days for companies in the IT, finance, management, research, and engineering sectors. Simplifying hiring is a big priority for companies because they need to find top talent to fill critical […]

How Pre-Employment Assessment Tests Help You Minimize Hiring Mistakes

It is every HR professional’s dream to find the “perfect” candidate for every position. However, this is easier said than done for a couple of reasons. First, there is a lack of candidates with the skills organizations need. Companies have been seeing a growing shortage of in-demand skills for the past decade. The second problem […]