Merit-Based Hiring is Tomorrow’s Talent Management Solution

The private sector has been moving toward merit-based hiring for several years. This means recruiters and hiring managers are placing more emphasis and value on applicants’ skills and experience than on degrees, education, and information provided on their resumes. Per the Harvard Business Review, employers began transitioning to skills-centric talent management solutions between 2017 and […]

Why Organizations Are Turning to Merit-Based Hiring

The private sector has been transitioning to merit-based recruitment in hiring and training. This means HR leaders and hiring managers are focusing on skills and experience and placing less emphasis on education and degrees. In 2020, the federal government followed suit when Executive Order 13932 was enacted to modernize and reform how agencies evaluated and […]

How Skills- and Merit-Based Hiring Improve Workforce Diversity

Your recruiters are tasked with finding the best-qualified employees for all your job roles. So, they screen applicants to identify candidates with the required skills and aptitudes and eliminate those who are unqualified. This process works as it is supposed to unless unconscious bias intervenes. Subjective bias, or making snap judgments about people, can result […]

How Merit-Based Hiring Simplifies Talent Pipeline Management

For several years, the private sector has been moving toward merit-based hiring-placing more emphasis and value on skills and experience than on education and degrees. According to the Harvard Business Review, employers began transitioning to a skills-centric talent pipeline management strategy between 2017 and 2019 instead of focusing purely on degrees and work experience. With […]

Global Hiring Trends 2022

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across the globe have experienced a historic labor shortage. However, many economies are rebounding, increasing the demand for skilled workers. Businesses across all industry verticals have been forced to reevaluate how they hire new employees to fill these vacancies. This article examines several global hiring trends that […]

Hiring Trends for 2022 Remote and Hybrid Hiring

While the mass transition to remote work began as an act of necessity, many employers have found that working from home offers tremendous benefits for both the business and staff. Specifically, remote work can positively impact retention rates, individual performance, and organizational profitability. As a result, remote work is becoming the new normal. Sixteen percent […]

Recruiting Technology Trends for 2022 by eSkill

You have probably heard about the growing skills gap impacting virtually every major industry in the United States. However, you may not know that the IT industry faces one of the biggest shortages in skilled workers. According to some estimates, the IT skills gap will result in over $775 billion in lost productivity by the […]

Recruitment Industry Trends for 2022 by eSkill

As the economy continues to recover from the turbulence of the last two years, hiring efforts are ramping up. According to CNN, job postings have increased by over 121% as of December 14, 2021, compared to pre-pandemic levels. However, posting open positions is not enough to attract top talent in this unique climate. Rather, organizations […]

Top Staffing Skills Tests Used by Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

For most recruiting and staffing agencies, the primary goal is to place as many qualified placements in positions as possible. However, to do this effectively, you have to manage the delicate balance between moving too quickly and giving each candidate and position the attention needed. Move too slowly through each potential hire, and your volume […]

How to Plan for Recruiting During HR Budgeting and Planning

When putting together your annual HR budget, it is all too easy to neglect Recruiting. Unlike other HR budgeting and planning exercises, there is not always a clear line between outlay and results. Many times, you may only notice the impact of spending too little on recruitment after the fact, and by then, it is […]

How to Prepare an HR Recruitment Budget

Learning how to prepare a recruitment budget can feel complicated. It seems it should be as easy as knowing how much you have available to pay new hires. But there are more costs involved including advertising, background checks, assessments, and more. As the world recovers from the impact of COVID-19, budgeting is becoming even more […]
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