Comprehensive Talent Assessment PlatformTM

Pre Employment Testing

Pre-employment assessments

Build stronger candidate pools and make smarter hiring decisions. With over 800 standard tests, and customizable tests from thousands of topics and advanced simulations, eSkill helps you deploy valid tests for pre-employment selection.

Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral assessments

Prevent hiring “mistakes” by identifying candidates with the right skills and experience and ensure they have the right Job Fit for your company.

Employment Test Optimization

Skills testing

Reduce recruiting and training costs as well as time to hire by using skills tests to identify candidates who have the required knowledge and experience to do the job. Use questions from our test library or create questions that simulate your work environment to see how candidates will perform on the job.

Employee Training

Employee training

Screen your employees to figure out who needs training. Quickly identify your employees’ skill gaps in a single test, as well as the strengths and skills gaps of a candidate vs a job requirement.

Voice Video Interview

Video response questions for skill tests

Add video response questions to skills tests to skills and cognitive tests to verify that applicants have the required knowledge and experience as well as the right Job Fit for your work environment.


Cognitive aptitude tests

Measure general intelligence and aptitude for mid-and senior-managerial candidates. Accurately predict job performance by assessing essential abilities such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills, attention to detail, people management, and the ability to learn and apply new information.


Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)

Evaluate whether candidates are a good fit for your company culture by asking them to react to customer service, sales, remote leadership and change management scenarios they will encounter on the job. We provide the questions and you decide how responses should be rated and scored.

Why Choose eSkill?

  • Hire top candidates faster and cost-effectively. Many eSkill clients have reduced hiring costs by 70% and decreased time-to-hire by 60%.
  • Select from more than 800 pre-prepared tests or create customized assessments by combining questions from multiple tests with your own questions.
  • Include video interview questions in any test to make it easy to evaluate the entire candidate, not just skills and experience.
  • Include simulations to replicate on-the-job situations to verify that applicants have the right skills and experience and are a good fit for the job.
  • Minimize unconscious bias in your recruiting process and hire better-qualified team members, faster, and with defensible compliance.
  • Coca-Cola, FedEx, LG, Pepsico, Zappos, and hundreds of other companies use eSkill’s assessments to improve hiring and training outcomes.

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We provide flat-rate Annual Subscriptions and Per-Test-Score Package options.

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Customer Success Stories

The wide variety and customizability of eSkill’s online testing allows us to pre-screen many of our candidates before they even get in the door. And this is key, because once a potential hire shows he/she possesses the skills necessary to do the job, our recruiters can concentrate on the second – and equally important – part of the screening process: the cultural fit. eSkill helps us assess a high volume of candidates in a fast, easy and efficient way.

Christa Foley

Recruiting Manager

We were expecting maybe 100 to 200 responses, but we ended up receiving close to 1,000 responses. eSkill provided the content and flexibility we needed to hire the right candidates for our accounting and financial positions.

Teri Vigneux

Executive Director

eSkill is a user-friendly system for our applicants, and the feedback I have received from some of them is that it helps them learn more about what we are looking for in prospective employees.

Carrie Whetzel


eSkill Awards