Best Skills Tests for Paraeducators

There are tens of thousands of paraeducators working in schools throughout the United States. These paraeducators are an essential part of the daily operations at any school. They perform tasks such as assisting with classroom management, providing one-on-one instructional guidance, and caring for special needs students. As you know, paraeducators play a key role within […]

Top Administrative and Clerical Skills Tests for Education

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 400,000 administrative and clerical workers are employed by school systems throughout the nation. Without these dedicated employees, elementary and secondary schools could not operate efficiently. A talented administrative employee can be a valuable asset to your educational institution. Conversely, hiring the wrong candidate […]

How to Test Skills for Maintenance Workers in Education

Suppose that you are involved in the hiring process for your educational institution. In that case, you are undoubtedly aware of just how hard it is to find quality candidates for vacant positions, especially in the maintenance department. However, you may not be aware of just how severe the situation has become. According to Industry […]

How to Test Skills for Education Jobs

Over the last few decades, the administration of skills tests has become an increasingly common practice. Some 68% of employers now use some form of job skill testing. This assessment tool can benefit organizations operating within a wide array of industries, including the education field. By incorporating a skills test for education jobs into your […]

Top Skills & Abilities to Look For in Education Support Staff

With the prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation employers increasingly feel the need to hire staff with in-demand technology skills. However, most employees who work in the education sector rarely deal with AI, but regularly interact with colleagues, students, parents, and community stakeholders. The needs for education support staff are in soft skills areas […]

Top 5 Administrative & Clerical Skills Tests Used in Education

Top organizations understand the importance of workplace productivity. Productive workers improve the bottom line and keep the organization running smoothly. To ensure candidates for administrative and clerical positions have the skills needed to complete their work efficiently, HR professionals must carefully evaluate candidates. Relying on job applicants to describe their skills and experience accurately and […]

How to Hire Administrative Support Personnel in Education

Organizations have traditionally relied on reviewing education credentials and work history to identify qualified candidates for administrative support roles, but times are changing. Today, best-in-class educational institutions leverage office administration skills tests to identify top talent. In fact, nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies use employment tests in their hiring process. It is no wonder […]

How Skills Tests Can Help You Hire The Best Administrative Assistant

When the number of unemployed American workers reached record highs this year during the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses learned how important it was to develop a systematic process they could use to screen and evaluate candidates efficiently. eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform enables human resources (HR) professionals to automate and streamline the candidate screening process, which […]