Microsoft Office Skills Testing Software and Simulations for 2022

As of 2022, over one million companies are using the Microsoft Office suite of solutions globally. Of these business users, nearly 880,000 of them are based in the United States. Microsoft Office is one of the most popular groups of software applications on the market, which is why seeing phrases like “proficient in Microsoft Office” […]

Technical Skills Required for Software Testers and How to Measure Them

With the average cost of a software development project ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, you need skilled software testers on your team. As you know, software testers play a vital role in the software development process. They are responsible for identifying potential bugs and ensuring that key product features work as designed. What you may […]

ASP .NET MVC Online Skills Tests for Better Software Development

Recent reports show that unsuccessful software projects accounted for approximately $260 billion in total losses in 2020 alone. This figure includes projects that are canceled before they are completed, as well as those that are “challenged.” Developers may challenge projects that are over budget. They may also scrap those submitted past set deadlines. While you […]

Preferred Software Developer Skills Tests for 2022

According to Indeed, hiring a new employee can easily cost thousands of dollars. The cost of finding and hiring new staff adds up quickly when you include job posting fees, background checks, onboarding, and training. With so much at stake, businesses must make wise hiring decisions. Unfortunately, far too many new hires do not succeed. […]