Use Assessments to Improve Training and Upskilling

Training Landing Page Icons Identify Skills Gap

Identify Skills Gaps

Use employment assessments to identify skills gaps for both new hires and employees so you can identify and target areas of strength and areas where more training is needed.

Training Landing Page Icons Customize Training And Upskill Program

Customize Training

Create individualized training plans tailored for each employee that target specific deficiencies or enhance existing skill levels.

Training Landing Page Icons Determine Furture Needs

Create Upskill Strategies

Use test data to develop training and upskilling programs that address current and future company needs.

Training Landing Page Icons Pre And Post Test

Measure Results

Compare test results before and after training programs to measure effectiveness and determine where follow-up training is needed.

Learn How to Use eSkill for Training and Upskilling

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Step 1

Lower Turnover and Improve Morale

If your employees feel they are well-matched and good at their jobs, they will be more engaged. This will decrease turnover and improve productivity. Engaged and productive employees leave you more time to concentrate on core business activities.

Step 2

Remain Competitive

Employees need to have the most up-to-date knowledge, skills, and abilities so your organization can maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace.

Step 3

Attract High-Caliber Employees

Studies show job seekers consider training as a major benefit, and organizations that prioritize employee development attract top-level talent.

Step 4

Ability to Innovate and Adapt

In today’s dynamic business environment, employees must be able to quickly learn the latest technology, processes, and business models so you can speed up innovation and expedite time-to-market.

Download this Executive Report to learn how eSkill can help you maximize the effectiveness of training and upskilling programs.

Teri Vigneux

Executive Director


“We were expecting maybe 100 to 200 responses, but we ended up receiving close to 1,000 responses. eSkill provided the content and flexibility we needed to hire the right candidates for our accounting and financial positions.”

Islam Naguib

Recruitment Officer


“At LG Electronics, we believe that pre-employment assessment is now a must-have to ensure that each shortlisted candidate possesses the required skills necessary for the post. So we researched the various products on the market, and chose eSkill. eSkill is a comparatively powerful assessment tool that helped us in assessing & comparing candidates’ skills to select the best one.”

Carrie Whetzel


General Electric

“eSkill is a user-friendly system for our applicants, and the feedback I have received from some of them is that it helps them learn more about what we are looking for in prospective employees.”

Christa Foley

Recruiting Manager


“The wide variety and customizability of eSkill’s online testing allows us to pre-screen many of our candidates before they even get in the door. And this is key, because once a potential hire shows he/she possesses the skills necessary to do the job, our recruiters can concentrate on the second – and equally important – part of the screening process: the cultural fit. eSkill helps us assess a high volume of candidates in a fast, easy and efficient way.”

Anna Simpson

Customer Service Trainer, Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade (QTG) – a Unit of PepsiCo


“eSkill is a powerful tool that allowed us to determine if our training classes were adequate and efficient. The ease of the website and the tools they give you to create exactly what you need are phenomenal! I would recommend eSkill to anyone.”

Bob Nichols

Associate Director

University of Maryland

“The testing went great! We loved the ability to create our own test from a bank of existing questions. It was a key part of our search process and we found an excellent candidate. As I said, we don’t do searches for technical positions very often, but when we do, eSkill testing will always be a part of it.”

Seth Pickett

Associate Director, Human Resources

1800 Contacts

“eSkill helped us complete the circle in our hiring and screening process by providing a simple-to-use testing platform. This platform set the perfect stage to verify skills and abilities for applicants ranging from entry level customer service to senior level software engineers.”

William Cobb


Express Employment Professionals

“Great Product. eSkill is easy to set up, easy to adjust for specific needs, and has all the assessment exams we need to examine our associate qualifications in an efficient and timely manner. They have done an excellent job with the product role out, initial training, and ongoing support (although ongoing support is not really necessary due to the intuitive nature of the product). Having used 2 other testing software, this product is light-years ahead in every way.”

Michael Spreng


City of Cleveland

“Seamless and easy; great support. Ability to assemble own tests. Ease of sending test notices and score reporting. great communication with eskills staff members.”

Shonna Wessels


“eSkill has enhanced our pre-employment skills testing. With the large database of questions readily available, it is easy to create or alter a test to fit a specific position or department. The website is user friendly for both the applicant and the administrator. The people at eSkill have been extremely helpful and friendly on any question that has arisen.”

Why Choose eSkill Skills Tests

  • Including video response questions in assessments enables you to evaluate the entire candidate, not just skills and experience.
  • By asking candidates to provide a video “resume” you may uncover valuable skills and experience that would be an asset to your organization.
  • If a job requires extensive customer contact, you can evaluate candidates’ verbal communication skills for English and other languages.
  • Allow hiring managers and entire hiring teams to rate applicants’ responses from one to 10 stars based on criteria you establish.
  • Verify candidates’ identity by asking them to display a driver’s license or other picture ID.
  • Present candidates with common situations they would encounter on the job to evaluate their problem-solving skills.

Few HR professionals or managers would argue the value of employee training and development. According to a recent LinkedIn study, 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they were provided with more training opportunities. And a Gallup study shows that offering employee training and development programs can increase worker engagement by up to 70%.

To create an effective employee training and development program, you need a reliable way to determine what new hires and employees already know so you can develop training and development programs that address and measure skills gaps. This is where eSkill can help.

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Customer Success Stories

Our strategic partnership with eSkill has most helped us in terms of recruitment for jobs which demand very specific and measurable skills, such as that of an IT programmer. The specifically targeted online assessments helped us set up entire teams of professional programmers who have taken our business to the next level and have contributed to establishing long-lasting business relationships with our clients.We found that administering eSkill tests offered all the information we needed when hiring, and was a great economic solution.

Andreea Hrab

HR Director

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