Buyers Guide: How to Choose a Video Interview Platform

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we all had to learn different ways to do business. Many companies told employees to work from home. Interviews were done by video rather than in-person. Many employees started jobs without ever meeting employers face to face. In 2020, a Gartner survey showed that 86% of employers were doing video […]

Video Interviews & Advanced Scoring Helps Pre-Employment Testing

As the Coronavirus pandemic took hold and lockdown orders upended business-as-usual indefinitely, HR professionals found they needed to transform existing talent acquisition processes in what seemed like overnight. HR departments rapidly integrated cloud-based video interviewing solutions, skills testing, and collaboration tools with their existing tech stack to keep pace. The use of virtual hiring platforms […]

If You Are Not Using Video Interviewing You May Lose Hires: Here’s Why

2020 was a year like no other. The U.S. faced a crisis on top of a crisis. The Coronavirus pandemic brought economies to a halt worldwide and disrupted business-as-usual. As a result, millions of people lost their jobs, and hiring freezes became commonplace. Then, social unrest erupted over police brutality and brought racial injustice to […]

Why Video Interviews Are Critical for Remote Hiring

To keep pace with the recent changes in workforce dynamics, HR professionals must adopt modern hiring practices that leverage data-driven insights and help them make informed hiring decisions. Companies that adapt quickly to remote hiring practices will experience markedly less disruption. On eSkill’s innovative platform, organizations can use on-demand video interviews to evaluate candidates’ skills, […]

How to Use Video Response Interviews For Hiring

As organizations rethink talent acquisition strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many are focusing on the strategic implementation of video interviews. While most human resources (HR) professionals have used “live” two-way video conferencing applications like Skype to conduct interviews, the process lacks the framework of an objective, structured approach. However, on-demand video interviews, […]

Video Interview Tips For Hiring

Since the remote workforce is growing and social distancing protocols remain in place, video conferencing has become a go-to for most human resources (HR) professionals. However, for recruiters and hiring teams to realize the full potential of video interviews, they must go beyond traditional “live” video interviews conducted via Skype and other video chat applications […]