Basic Administrative Skills Tests for Healthcare Support Staff

Employment opportunities in the healthcare field are booming, and they are predicted to grow even faster in the future. According to the New York Times, health care jobs are expected to grow by more than 15%, a rate that is much faster than the average job growth rate of 4%. This number includes not only […]

How Medical Billing & Terminology Tests Help Improve Outcomes

The United States has some of the best healthcare providers in the world. Yet even with highly trained physicians, Americans suffer from worse health outcomes than many other comparable countries, despite spending more on care than any other nation. According to the Commonwealth Fund, American life expectancy is at 78.6 years, over two years lower […]

How to Use Skills Tests to Improve Healthcare Customer Service

The healthcare industry is comprised of more than just doctors and nurses. From large hospitals to small neighborhood clinics, it takes people from all walks of life to ensure patients receive the care they need in a safe, clean environment. Support staff, health aides, cooks, and janitorial staff are all part of ensuring that patients […]

Top Hiring Skills Tests for Healthcare

From resumes to cover letters and references, healthcare organizations can access multiple sources of information to learn about candidates. However, using these sources of information is incredibly subjective and does little to ensure a candidate can succeed in a role. On the other hand, healthcare skills tests provide employers with a skills-driven, evidence-based approach to […]

How Pre-Employment Skills Testing in Healthcare Improves Hiring

For organizations to meet the demands of the current healthcare talent landscape, they must move away from outdated hiring practices and begin implementing data-driven approaches to identifying qualified talent. With eSkill’s healthcare employment assessment tests, organizations can lock-in efficiency and improve talent selection decisions. Mitigate Risk and Improve Hiring Outcomes The cost of hiring an […]

How Hospitals Are Using Pre-Employment Testing to Hire Better Medical Staff

Hospitals have historically been at the center of the U.S. healthcare system, and having a qualified medical staff is central to their ability to deliver excellent care. Hiring the right medical staff is critical. At a minimum, patient satisfaction is at stake. More dangerously, patient safety is in the hands of healthcare workers. Therefore, using […]

Best Hiring Assessments for Medical Staff

Amid a global health crisis, one of the most challenging factors in the healthcare industry is hiring qualified candidates for in-demand positions. According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Health Care Outlook, staffing represents up to 70% of hospitals’ costs. So, finding and retaining top talent is a critical business issue. Developing a systematic, evidence-based approach to […]

Best Skills Tests for Hiring Medical Assistants

Medical assisting has emerged as the fastest-growing career in healthcare. Employment amongst medical assistants in the U.S. is expected to grow by a staggering 23% through 2028, far outpacing the 5% growth rate for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is an anticipated addition of nearly 150,000 medical assistant positions in […]