The Role of Aptitude Tests for Jobs in Identifying Top Talent and Improving Job Fit

Job aptitude tests are critical for organizations that want to improve performance. According to the Harvard Business Review, top companies are over 40% more productive than their nearest competitors and have operating margins 30% to 50% higher than their competitors. Hiring and placing the right people in the right jobs ensures operational efficiency. Unfortunately, this is […]

Top Skills Tests for State and Local Government Administrative Roles

According to Statista, state and local governments employ millions of people across the nation, including various administrative personnel. These entities employ over 2 million office and administrative support professionals. While the hiring process of each local or state government will vary, many of these organizations rely on skills tests to evaluate new candidates. These assessments […]

How Cities and Counties Are Using Pre-Employment Testing to Hire Better Staff

Virtually every employer has encountered significant hiring struggles over the last few years, including city and county governments. While there is no single cause for these hiring woes, skills testing appears to be a viable solution. Cities and counties throughout the nation are using employment assessment tests to hire better staff. Carefully designed assessments are […]

Most Trusted Hiring Skills Tests for Government Jobs

There has been a major push towards hiring individuals based on their measurable skills, not their degrees, in recent years. For instance, a 2020 executive order tasked federal government agencies with altering their screening protocols to place a higher value on skills instead of formal education. Similar trends have swept across state and local governments, […]

Top Hiring and Training Skills Tests for Federal, State, and Local Government Roles

According to BLS data, over 21 million people are employed by state, federal, and local governments. While hiring protocols vary from organization to organization, an increasingly large number of government agencies are screening candidates using pre-employment testing. These tools allow federal, state, and local governments to hire better, faster. In addition, assessment tests are being […]

Top Hiring Skills Tests for Government Jobs

With a rapid shift toward remote work, the way we hire is changing. Fortunately, eSkill’s online pre-employment testing platform helps government entities identify top talent while streamlining and simplifying their remote hiring process. Here is a look at the top hiring skills tests for government jobs. Civil Engineer Skills Test According to a  2020 survey […]

How Pre-Employment Skills Testing for Government Roles Improves Hiring

As is true with other organizations, government entities perform best when they are staffed with highly skilled employees. However, the challenge for many public sector organizations is identifying candidates with the skills and aptitude they need. For HR professionals to identify top talent for government roles, they must first implement a screening process that objectively […]

How Cities and States Are Using Pre-Employment Testing to Hire Better Administrative Staff

The COVID-19 health crisis has accelerated digital transformation and at least temporarily forced most personnel of state and local governments to pivot to working remotely. With employees no longer working in the office, the need for online hiring solutions has never been greater. As a result, human resources (HR) professionals from the public sector have […]

Best Pre-Employment Tests for State and Local Government

More than 71% of organizations used employment assessment tests in 2019  to ensure “objectivity and fairness in candidate screening,” according to the Talent Board’s most recent North American Candidate Experience report. This is not surprising since online pre-employment testing enables talent acquisition professionals to quickly and accurately identify top talent. eSkill has the most extensive library […]

How to Recruit Better Fire and Police Officers

Departments of Public Safety across the United States provide essential, and even life-saving services. With lives on the line, it is critical that jurisdictions hire the right men and women to serve. Agencies must strategically implement data-driven processes for screening, shortlisting, and interviewing to secure qualified talent. Changes in hiring processes for any organization are […]
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