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GA Badge CategoryLeaders 2022 FullColor
Pre EmploymentTesting Leader Leader
Pre EmploymentTesting Leader Enterprise Leader
TechnicalSkillsScreening EasiestAdmin Enterprise EaseOfAdmin
Bronze Brandon Hall Award
ESkill Capterra Shortlist 2022 1

100+ awards and counting

VideoInterviewing BestEstimatedROI Enterprise Roi
Pre EmploymentTesting Leader Small Business Leader
Pre EmploymentTesting Leader Mid Market Leader
Pre EmploymentTesting EasiestToDoBusinessWith Enterprise EaseOfDoingBusinessWith 2
Pre EmploymentTesting FastestImplementation Small Business GoLiveTime 1
Pre EmploymentTesting HighestUserAdoption Enterprise Adoption
VideoInterviewing BestEstimatedROI Enterprise Roi
TechnicalSkillsScreening Leader Enterprise Leader
Pre EmploymentTesting EasiestSetup Enterprise EaseOfSetup
Pre EmploymentTesting BestSupport Enterprise QualityOfSupport 1
Pre EmploymentTesting BestUsability Enterprise Total 1
Pre EmploymentTesting Leader Mid Market Leader

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Market Leader – Pre-Employment Testing Software – Spring 2020

Market Leader – Pre-Employment Testing Software – Spring 2020

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14 G2 Awards Across Multiple Enterprise and Small Business Categories – Fall 2021 is a global tech marketplace that helps millions of users research, evaluate, and manage technology tools. Businesses rely on reviews posted by their peers to make better software buying decisions. For more information, visit

Bronze Award – Excellence in Technology – Fall 2021

Bronze Award – Excellence in Technology – Fall 2021

Brandon Hall Group is a prestigious research organization with over 25 years of experience providing advisory services on performance improvement to over 10,000 global clients For more information visit

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