Simple Scoring & Free Response Questions: Advanced Skills Testing Methods

When the pandemic changed life as we know it, HR professionals could no longer rely on business-as-usual approaches to screening candidates. So, talent acquisition professionals are turning to technology to evaluate prospective hires. Although companies initially pivoted to “virtual” processes and systems to comply with physical distancing requirements, HR leaders have realized how essential tech-driven […]

Team Interview Questions with Team Scoring

If you are active in the talent acquisition space, you are well aware of the shift from traditional hiring practices to modern solutions. One modern solution—collaborative hiring—is quickly becoming common practice in top organizations. Touted by Steve Jobs as the best way to hire top talent, collaborative hiring has quickly transformed from an emerging trend […]

How Team Scoring with eSkill Job Skills Tests Improve Hiring

Hiring in today’s tight job market can be overwhelming. Many employers are struggling to fill open job positions. Often the candidates applying don’t even possess the needed skills. 75% of employers surveyed reported hiring difficulty due to a shortage of candidates with the skills required for job openings, according to the Society of Human Resources […]

Group Interview Ideas for Employers

Hiring successful candidates can feel like a challenging process. Not only do you need to find a candidate with the necessary skills and drive, but you also need someone who can seamlessly fit in with your team. With the U.S. unemployment rate remaining at historic lows—dropping to 3.5% in September 2019, an unprecedented 50-year low—the […]