How to Hire the Right Talent the First Time

As anyone involved in hiring will tell you, few things are more frustrating than choosing the wrong candidate for a vacancy. Bringing what you thought was a prime candidate onboard only to have them fall well short of expectations can be downright demoralizing. Not only did you waste thousands in recruiting and training expenses, but […]

A Skills-Based Approach to the Tech Talent Shortage

According to the World Economic Forum, there are approximately 11 million job vacancies in the United States alone. While these vacancies exist across many industries, the ongoing talent shortage has hit the information technology sector particularly hard. This shortfall of professionals has impacted more than just software and other IT-centric businesses. Virtually all companies that […]

How to Roll Out Skills-Based Hiring

Skills-based talent management has been a hot topic lately. Its popularity has grown because employers are exploring new ways to improve their hiring and talent management strategies following the Great Resignation. While skills-based talent management is not new, it is more popular than ever. Various industries use it with great success, including tech, education, and […]

How to Avoid Workplace Bullying by Manager? Recognize these styles.

The word “bullying” usually summons thoughts of school-age kids behaving badly. But bullying does not stop with children. Unfortunately, while people get bigger, some never truly grow up, and they bring their childish antics with them when they enter the workplace. As a human resources professional, I can tell you that bullying occurs in the […]

Task-oriented vs People-oriented Leadership Styles: Which is Better?

Leadership styles vary from person to person depending on how they provide direction, implement plans, and motivate people. In every facet of business, from international banking to your local corner store, leadership styles affect the mood and workflow. 83% of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at all levels. 43% of organizations top […]

Making a Positive Impact on the Healthcare Talent Crisis

Talent shortages affect many industries, but the inability to find workers in the healthcare industry is more of a talent crisis than a shortage. Since December of 2010, ten thousand Baby Boomers a day turn 65 years old – and this will continue for the next 10 years! Most physicians are able to see 18 […]

Gamify Healthcare Compliance to Motivate Employees to be Healthier

It’s no secret that healthy employees cost less. According to a recent Gallup poll, the cost of unhealthy employees is more than $153 billion annually in lost productivity. Gamification, introducing game-like elements and strategies, has been used in several different industries to help boost productivity and a company’s profit margin.  But if you’ve ever been […]

Favoritism and Nepotism: Managing Favoritism in the Workplace

As HR professionals, we’re the ones responsible for keeping the employees at our organizations happy and productive. This goal is hard to reach if there is favoritism or nepotism on the job, especially if it’s allowed to grow unchecked. What is favoritism in the workplace? Favoritism in the workplace is exactly what it sounds like: […]

2019 Selection Plan Gives Power to Employees & Test-Takers

Ask any CEO about their biggest concerns, and they will say the skills gap or talent shortage are at the top of the list. If you Google “Top CEO Issues,” you will see millions of results. Click on any of the articles in your search result, and you will find references to the “talent gap,” […]

How AI will Impact Business Growth and the Modern Workforce

To be consistent with your business development, you need to constantly focus on growing your company and modernizing your workforce. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers easier ways to accomplish these defined goals. Forward-thinking businesses use AI to achieve transparency, efficiency, and creativity – all needed to survive in a trend-driven market. AI has been widely seen […]
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