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Our Vision

eSkill launched its online assessment software in 2003, on the logic that job-customizable tests are more accurate, thorough, and compliant predictors of employee success than ‘canned’ tests. eSkill job-customized tests are also more engaging and informative about the role, versus lengthy, irrelevant tests that drive away talented people.

Internally, eSkill strives to foster a culture of kindness, and an open career path where our employees can help determine the path that best matches their intrinsic and learned skills. We like to take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Today, eSkill has expanded globally, and beyond hard skills assessment into cognitive aptitudes, video interviewing, and personality assessment. We remain committed to serving the most complete and effective employee assessment products in the world.

Our Mission

With the aim of providing easily customizable online pre-employment assessment tests, eSkill Corporation has developed into a global leader in employment-related skills testing. eSkill provides organizations with a web-based skill testing service. Specifically, the eSkill application lets hiring and training managers configure tests from our extensive subject library to match their hiring and training needs and reduce the risk of hiring failures and discrimination litigation.

Our end goals are to have employer clients whose team performance is improving and candidates with a good experience of their assessment process.

Our Mission

The eSkill Management Team


Eric Friedman

Chairman and CEO

Eric has helped launched five startups since 1992, and has been leading eSkill since its launch in 2003.

Matching professionals to the work roles most suited to their skills and behaviors is a critically interesting topic to Eric. As he’s personally experienced, finding a role that really fits leads to a much happier life, and a more productive contribution to your team.

Eric holds an an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Brown University, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Outside of eSkill, Eric supports charities involved with inner-city and performing arts education.

Scott Finkelstein Eskill

Scott Finkelstein

Chief Revenue Officer

Scott has accumulated three decades of experience leading Go-To-Market teams. His journey began in Investment Banking, where he honed skills in relationship-building and diligence. Over the years, he ventured into various sectors, dedicating the last 15+ years to SaaS, with a particular emphasis on HCM solutions. Responsible for generating over $6 billion in new revenue globally, Scott is passionate about guiding companies to new heights of success. As a true servant leader, he consistently seeks opportunities to foster learning and growth for all he works with.

Caralyn Brown 1

Caralyn Brown

Chief Technical Officer

Caralyn has led critical product development teams and products across a variety of industries including data communications, public safety and tech services. She headed operations teams dedicated to meeting support and uptime requirements for the most demanding mission critical clients. She is passionate about creating products and platforms that meet the highest standards of quality, scalability, and flexibility to meet the needs of clients.

Sheila Kloefkorn

Sheila Kloefkorn

Chief Marketing Officer

Sheila Kloefkorn is a business and marketing expert with more than 30 years of experience. She is passionate about helping bring talent management solutions to organizations of all sizes. She helped several SaaS and HR companies achieve significantly scalable results. She leads a talented team of marketers helping eSkill scale its results. She is a certified business coach and frequent national and local speaker on a wide range of marketing and business topics.

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Chance Shilling

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Chance Shilling is Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances. He has been a Client Success Manager since 2016 and has applied his problem-solving skills to help clients leverage eSkill to streamline hiring operations. His experience includes working with Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Recruitment Systems as well as providing strategic consulting services and he has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tarleton State University.

I/O Psychology Team

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton


Dr. Scott Hamilton has over 40 years’ experience in predictive assessments. His expertise is in both technical and operational areas including data analysis, the proper utilization of assessments, and custom built assessments for special applications.

Dr. Hamilton has been instrumental in the creation, development, and implementation of business assessments used in more than130 countries in 40 languages.

He has been an invited speaker and also conducted training and development workshops in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He has served on several boards of directors for various professional organizations and commercial corporations.

Dr, Hamilton holds both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Counseling and Clinical Psychology with minors in research from North Texas State University.


Charles Handler


Dr. Charles Handler is a thought leader, analyst, and practitioner in the talent assessment and human capital space. Throughout his career Dr. Handler has specialized in developing effective, legally defensible employee selection systems.

Dr. Handler has helped companies such as Nike, Delta Airlines, Intuit, Wells Fargo, and Hilton Worldwide to design, implement, and measure impactful employee selection processes.

Through his prolific writing for media outlets such as, his work as a pre-hire assessment analyst for Bersin by Deloitte, and worldwide public speaking, Dr. Handler is a highly visible futurist and evangelist for the talent assessment space. Throughout his career, Dr. Handler has been on the forefront of innovation in the talent assessment space, applying his sound foundation in psychometrics to helping drive innovation in assessments through the use of gaming, social media, big data, and other advanced technologies.
Dr. Handler holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Louisiana State University.

HK Headshot

Hannah Filley

Founder, HK Organizational Solutions

Hannah Filley (previously Komorny) founded HK Organizational Solutions in 2020 to provide professional expertise to public sector hiring departments in transitioning to modern, defensible hiring practices.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University, is a member of the Personnel Testing Council of Southern California, and holds CSPCA’s Merit Academy and IPMA-CP certifications.

She has over seven years of psychometric expertise and test development/validation experience within the academic, private, and public sectors. Hannah has worked with over 100 companies and clients for test administration, results analysis, test creation, revision, and validation.

Chris Kunz

Chris Kunze

Data Analyst

Chris Kunze is a multi-lingual data scientist with over 15 years of experience predicting employee performance, retention and safety. Assisting hundreds of companies all over the globe implement screening Assessments and leadership surveys, Kunze uses machine learning algorithms to build and validate predictive models so new candidate and employee data can be scored efficiently and accurately through custom, interactive applications.

Previously at John Wiley & Sons’ Workplace Learning Solutions Division, Chris leveraged governmental workforce and client data to publish a library of 139 job-related performance models for Wiley partners and clients. He is known for estimating ROI before model implementation using the venerable Brogden-Cronbach-Gleser Utility Formula. Finally, Chris is a certified consultant with Frontline Systems, Inc., the premier creator and distributor of optimization, simulation and data mining software.

Chris is a Phi Bet Kappa graduate of of Marquette University with a Liberal Arts degree, and has a degree in Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy.

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How it Works

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Our Clients

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Customer Success Stories

We did demos with maybe six other companies, and eSkill kept coming to the top, because of the flexibility, the integration into our Taleo application process, and then being able to use it in other areas of the company. Before, we had so many open loops that we couldn’t close because they were out of our control. Now, after integrating our Taleo system with eSkill, we’re able to move into the process immediately and we have scores in hand. It’s a 100% improvement in the time reduction.

Wanda Hatchett

Contact Center Scheduling Coordinator/Recruiter

The testing went great! We loved the ability to create our own test from a bank of existing questions. It was a key part of our search process and we found an excellent candidate. As I said, we don’t do searches for technical positions very often, but when we do, eSkill testing will always be a part of it.

Bob Nichols

Associate Director

eSkill provides Service Credit Union the opportunity to test prospective employees’ skills before they are hired or even interviewed. The software is very user friendly, and managers can create tests that meet the needs of their departments or branches.

Johanna L. Montgomery

Manager, Human Resources

Our staffing agency switched from ProveIt to eSkill several months ago and we haven’t looked back since. We have had no technical issues, the software library and customized tests are beyond everything we need, the reporting is extremely comprehensive and most importantly, none of our test takers have complained! The eSkill tests are very user-friendly which has increased compliance drastically. Highly recommended!

Kelli McCallion

Business Development Manager

We are provided with a wealth of varietal testing for any industry we serve. The customization of testing is limitless, allowing us the flexibility to serve our customers’ needs. We highly recommend and stand by eSkill!

Janie O. Mille

Branch Manager/Augusta, HR Consultant

The customer service was a very large part of why we switched to eSkill. From the time we first talked with Kevin Renner, we felt like we mattered. All of the people we have dealt with at eSkill make us feel like we are familiar to them. They recognize who we are and treat as a valued customer. With ProveIt, you get the large call center type service when you call. You’re a number, not a customer.

Janet Bryan

District Manager

We chose eSkill because we felt the various pricing options they presented were very helpful for our “as needed basis” and cadence of using the assessments. We have stayed with eSkill for about four years due to the importance they place on customer service and easy to use product interface. Training new recruiters on how to use the eSkill interface takes minutes.

eSkill helps our corporate and global offices assess new hires and current staff so they can identify skills gaps. This helps us support our employees’ career and growth goals so they can succeed in their current roles and grow with the company.

Mateja Lukezic

Training and Development Coordinator

We also love having the ability to create our own tests. We originally administered separate Microsoft Word and Excel tests. Now we can create one test and tailor it as needed to fit a specific job. It is easier for candidates and easier for us to evaluate results. We really appreciate having access to the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM when hiring large volumes of new employees remotely because it is easy to screen job applicants and assess their computer skills.

Brian Williams

Senior Recruiter

AtWork deploys over 60,000 skills assessments annually through nearly 100 franchises. We needed a scalable and reliable skills testing vendor that could deliver. We chose eSkill because it meets and exceeds our needs. eSkill is unmatched in its ability to manage franchise locations, customize and configure tests, and customer service. The platform makes test deployment fast and easy, while our dedicated account manager has been very proactive in making sure we get the most out of eSkill. We would recommend eSkill to anyone who is looking to identify skilled candidates.

Jason Leverant

President and COO

Collaborating with eSkills for over four years has enabled our Resourcing team to effectively and efficiently manage assessments with both internal and external candidates. In particular, the quality of reports has allowed our managers to make informed, consistent decisions. Our dedicated client manager is extremely supportive and always available to support me and the team, including building our bespoke tests within the platform. Highly recommended to others!

Nabila Elkhamlichi

HR Advisor

We hire candidates in various markets throughout the U.S. By using eSkill, we now have the capability to test candidates and quickly evaluate their skills and aptitudes to ensure we are identifying the best candidate for each role.

Jessica Wagner

Talent Acquisition Specialist

e-Skill has been a lifesaver for us since the pandemic. We had to quickly shift our testing to an online format and e-Skill offered all of the solutions that we needed: virtual & valid test options, easy & quick implementation, and a responsive & caring customer service team. Working with them over the past two years has been a wonderful change. It has significantly reduced our candidate response time, and as a result, our time to fill positions. It has given our HR staff back precious time, previously spent on proctoring and scoring so they can focus on essential tasks such as COVID tracking and other special projects. We are grateful to e-Skill and would recommend them without hesitation.

Debbie Batchie

HR Analyst

Our company uses eSkill for a variety of different assessments in our recruiting and training department. We use it to provide potential interview candidates with a short computer skills and language assessment prior to the interview process. This really helps us to know that candidates have the skills required to do the job. We use it to give essential tests to our new hires in training as well as for their end-of-the-week testing after training, and we use it for testing new hires once they have been on the job with us 4-6 weeks to see their progress and what they have learned and retained from the training and being on the job. eSkill has been such a wonderful tool for our company and we plan to utilize their services for many years to come.

Melissa Fullen

Director of HR

eskill has really helped our recruiting process. Collectively as an HR department, we appreciate the validity of the tests. We tested our “best and brightest” current employees to establish the baseline cutoff for our external candidates and it has worked wonders for recruiting highly skilled, fully qualified individuals. We’re very pleased.

Brittany Truscott


I love the templates that eSkill makes available to either borrow completely for a test, or to add piecemeal to a custom skills test. The support we received is also very helpful in making sure we made the most of our investment into this product.

Spencer Davis

Senior Human Capital Specialist

There are truly thousands of assessments within eSkill. For our Professional Administrative recruiting needs, there are many options for admin/office related assessments, and they are very easy to find and set up.

Kat Lazzaro

Senior Operations Analyst

eSkill has an excellent and very intuitive process for not only creating tests yourself but also has an array of premade tests that we have used several times with great success. But that is not all, the testing process is extremely easy and have received excellent reviews from our candidates. Our sales contact is also top-notch!

Cameron Eggly

HR Specialist

eSkill helps us verify the qualifications presented on a candidate’s resume. This assists us greatly in providing more successful full-time placements. We love this user-friendly screening tool and find it easy to customize and/or create any skill testing needed to meet the unique requirements of all our clients. There have been no complications on start up as frequently found when implementing new systems, and the customer service has been fantastic!

Laura Macey

Sales Manager

eSkill has a user-friendly and very intuitive platform that allows any user to create a customized test depending on the requirements of a particular job. The library is rich with all sorts of tests based on the industry and categories. The team behind product development and user experience is very accommodating of ideas that will make eSkill an even more superior solution for skills testing.

Shannen Claire

Client Empowerment Executive

We created a general computer skills assessment and issued it to all employees to get a baseline of their current skill level. Then, we will provide training and reassess them to evaluate their development. We require new hires to complete job-specific assessments, so we have a benchmark that shows us their current level of proficiency and where they need training. In the future, we will use their results to determine screening criteria for new hires.

Robin Bundy

I.T. Director

Build works with a lot of architectural companies that hire clients for construction and IT jobs. While candidates are applying for positions, they also take classes and learn new skills such as construction best practices and new programming languages. Some candidates received their training in other countries. So, they have to become familiar with Canadian building codes and learn Revit for Canada. We use skills assessments to show them what they have learned and show them areas they need to work on.

Employment Counselor/Program Facilitator

We were paying SHL considerably more, but we had access to fewer features and functionality and had problems getting support when we needed it. With eSkill, we feel like we are paying 50% less but getting 150% more.

Stuart Patrick

Systems Manager

Before we started using eSkill, only 78% of our new hires graduated from training. After implementation, our graduation rate shot up to 98% and has remained above 90%.

Jo-Isabel Longoria

Director of People Ops