If your company requires pre-hire assessments, job candidates as well as employees have probably asked you how they they should prepare for assessments and what they can do to brush up on their office and computer skills. Here are several tutorials and training videos on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to help you address their needs.

In addition to helping internal and external candidates prepare for Microsoft Office skills tests, these resources can help your staff understand their skills gaps so they can seek targeted training. They can also help you find “rock stars” in your midst who are perfect candidates for positions you are trying to fill, or who can provide training for others.

To learn how these resources and assessments such as MS Office skills tests can help you take your recruiting and hiring to new levels, schedule a demo, contact us by email or call (866) 537-5455 (US only) or (978) 708-4589.

Microsoft Word

MS Word: Beginner Level 1

MS Word: Full Tutorial

MS Word: Beginner’s Guide

Microsoft Excel

MS Excel: Beginner Level 1

MS Excel: Full Tutorial

MS Excel: Basics

Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint: Beginners Level 1

MS PowerPoint: Full Tutorial

MS PowerPoint: Beginner’s Guide

Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook: Comprehensive Guide

MS Outlook: Beginner’s Guide Part 1

MS Outlook: Full Tutorial

MS Outlook: Beginner’s Guide