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The Statistics Speak for Themselves

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineering jobs will grow by 8.4% during the next 5 years.

Engineering 1

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering jobs will grow by 5% during the next 5 years.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer engineering jobs will grow by 3% during the next 5 years.

Top Skills and Abilities to Look for in Engineering Professionals

Use eSkill’s engineering pre-employment assessment tests to create customized skills tests that measure mechanical and electronics aptitude.

Mechanical Aptitude

Basic understanding of machinery and ability to apply mechanical and electronic concepts to solve problems

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important because a small mistake can result in a failed project and big loss in revenue.

Communication Skills

Ability to communicate technical concepts and translate specialized knowledge for less technical audiences.

Engineering Tests You Should Use

Standard Job-Based Tests: Includes Electrical Engineer, Information System Security Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, and Basic Electronics tests.

Standard Subject-Based Tests: Includes Assembly Skills, Civil Engineering skills, Electrical Engineering Skills, Mechanical Engineering Skills, and more.

Customize From Over 800 Modular Subjects: Create a multi-subject test in seconds by hand-picking questions from Mechanical Aptitude, Mechanical Engineering Skills, Plumbing Skills, Telecommunications, Basic Electronics, Basic Industrial Match, and more.

Simulations: Determine if candidates can do a job by asking them to complete realistic simulations such as Multitasking, Chat, Word and Excel. We can also create custom simulations on request.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT): Assess candidates’ Job Fit for a position and determine whether they will succeed in your corporate culture using Customer Service, Sales, Remote Leadership and Change Management SJTs.

Upload Your Own Content: Create engineering skills tests using your own content and questions and use eSkill Author to customize them to meet your specific needs.

Engineering Clients

Islam Naguib

Recruitment Officer


“At LG Electronics, we believe that pre-employment assessment is now a must-have to ensure that each shortlisted candidate possesses the required skills necessary for the post. So we researched the various products on the market, and chose eSkill. eSkill is a comparatively powerful assessment tool that helped us in assessing & comparing candidates’ skills to select the best one.”

Carrie Whetzel


General Electric

“eSkill is a user-friendly system for our applicants, and the feedback I have received from some of them is that it helps them learn more about what we are looking for in prospective employees.”

Erika Montemayor

Assistant Training Manager/NCCER Administrator

JV Industrial

“eSkill gives us affordable, customizable tests that can be accessed from any office at any time. And the customer service is great! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for pre-employment testing”

Why Choose eSkill Engineering Assessments?

  • eSkill makes assessing engineering candidates’ job skills, psychological fit, and interview presentation easy and saves you time.
  • Have confidence in your hiring decisions and team-building success with eSkill.
  • Our job-tailored tests and video interviews will most accurately predict training needs and job fit with maximum legal compliance.
  • Select from over 800 standard tests, or easily customize skills and behavioral tests from thousands of topics relevant to your job or training requirements
  • eSkill will help you hire better-qualified engineers more quickly with defensible compliance.
  • JV Industrial, CEL, and hundreds of other companies use Skill’s engineering pre-employment tests. Learn why.

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Our Clients

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