Pre-Employment Assessments for the Staffing Industry

Why Staffing Firms Need Assessments

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According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 66% of all companies outsource all or some of their recruiting.

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Around 49% of the companies in the SHRM survey said they used a staffing agency because they needed to hire quickly.

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The next leading reason cited by 36% of the companies in the SHRM survey was they wanted to take advantage of the agency’s recruiting expertise.

Top Skills Staffing Professionals Look for in Candidates.

Basic Computer Skills

Just about every job nowadays requires digital literacy and Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint proficiency.

Organizational Skills

Businesses are trying to do more with fewer employees. So, applicants with good planning, scheduling, and multitasking abilities are in demand.

Interpersonal Skills

Ability to communicate effectively with customers, partners, and team members as well as managers at all company levels.

Pre-Employment Assessments Staffing Firms Should Use:

Standard Job-Based Tests: Use our tests for Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Customer Service Representative, Financial Analyst, Engineer, Computer Programmer, Forklift Operation, Warehouse Manager, and more.

Standard Subject-Based Tests: Test candidates for in-depth skills such as MS Office, Typing, Attention to Detail, Interpersonal Communication, Data Entry, Multitasking, Digital Literacy, and Industrial Math.

Customize From Over 800 Modular Subjects: Create a multi-subject test in seconds by hand-picking your favorite topics and questions from the eSkill Test Library.

Simulations: Determine if candidates can do a job by asking them to complete realistic simulations such as Multitasking, Chat, Word and Excel. We can also create custom simulations on request.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT): Assess candidates’ Job Fit for a position and determine whether they will succeed in your corporate culture using Customer Service, Sales, Remote Leadership and Change Management SJTs.

Upload Your Own Content: Use the eSkill Author to create customized tests and tailor them to clients’ needs.

Staffing Clients

William Cobb


Express Employment Professionals

“Great Product. eSkill is easy to set up, easy to adjust for specific needs, and has all the assessment exams we need to examine our associate qualifications in an efficient and timely manner. They have done an excellent job with the product role out, initial training, and ongoing support (although ongoing support is not really necessary due to the intuitive nature of the product). Having used 2 other testing software, this product is light-years ahead in every way.”

Trina Limon

Sr. Recruiter/Owner

TORP Group

“eSkill Superior Testing at a fraction of the Cost. Like the variety of tests and ability to create testing matched for a specific position. Excellent options of testing to use for a variety of candidates. So glad that we are able to use this program. We don’t have a high volume of testing, so eSkill provided great pricing to meet the needs of testing we have.”

Why Choose eSkill Staffing Assessments?

  • eSkill makes testing candidates’ job skills, cultural fit, and interview presentation easy and seamless.
  • AtWork,, Randstad, and hundreds of other staffing companies use Skill’s pre-employment skills tests. Learn why.
  • Include Video Interview questions in your assessments for a seamless, complete candidate evaluation experience.
  • Select from over 800 standard tests or easily customize tests from thousands of topics relevant to your job or training requirements.
  • eSkill will help you place better-qualified candidates much faster with defensible compliance.

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Why eSkill

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How it Works

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Our Clients

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