How Do I Select the Best Employment Testing Solution?

Hiring mistakes cost organizations thousands of dollars annually. Research shows that if a manager who earns $62,000 is terminated after 2.5 years, the bottom-line cost to the employer is $840,000. This cost includes recruiting costs, salary, benefits, severance, disruption to productivity, and lost business opportunities. The business also loses what it has invested in the […]

What Types of Hiring Assessment Tests Should I Use?

Hiring has become more challenging during the past few years. This is partly because 47.4 million workers quit in 2021 during the Great Resignation. However, the problem is mainly due to a skills gap growing for the past decade. Many companies’ hiring needs have changed because they have adopted new technology and implemented digital transformation […]

How Can I Benefit by Using Hiring Assessments?

HR professionals strive to recruit “perfect” candidates for all their open roles. However, as many can attest, this is easier said than done. The first reason is a lack of candidates with the skills organizations need. Many businesses have upgraded their technology and implemented digital transformation solutions. They’ve added new jobs to support their new […]

How to Customize Skills Assessments to Improve Hiring

Hiring mistakes are expensive. Industry research shows that recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can cost as much as $240,000. If the employee is let go or leaves voluntarily, the organization loses its investment and must incur additional costs to find a replacement. Filling critical job roles is especially challenging because we are experiencing […]

How to Make the Best Hires with Skills Assessment Tests

All organizations focus on maximizing productivity because their success and possibly survival depend on how well they outperform their competition and meet growth goals. Hiring the best talent is the key to improving productivity and meeting deadlines. Suppose you have a cross-functional project which should take three years to complete. A McKinsey study showed you […]

How Skills Assessments Help You Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Organizations worldwide are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill critical job roles. In 2021, over four million people quit their jobs in what is referred to as the Great Resignation. This exacerbated a talent shortage problem that has been growing for the past decade. According to a Deloitte study, HR leaders in the US […]

How Employment Assessments Help Improve Hiring Outcomes

It is a challenging time for HR leaders in all industry sectors. They thought their problems were over as the COVID-19 pandemic subsided. Then they found themselves dealing with a global talent shortage. Over four million people quit their jobs during the “Great Resignation” of 2021. As a result, HR professionals are struggling to find […]

Top Employment Skills Tests for Administrative Roles

Administrative employees are the backbone of most organizations. A good administrator who takes the initiative without being asked and does not require much supervision to perform their job is worth their weight in gold. So, when recruiting for administrative roles, it is essential to use an industry-leading employment skills testing solution such as the eSkill […]

How to Customize Job Skills Tests to Make Better Hires

Hiring mistakes are expensive. Data compiled by Undercover Recruiter shows that if a manager who earns $62,000 is terminated after 2.5 years, it costs their employer $840,000, including hiring costs, salary and benefits, severance, disruption to productivity, and lost business opportunities. Studies also show that the average company spends around $240,000 to recruit and onboard […]

How to Buy Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Bad hires cost companies thousands of dollars annually. According to Undercover Recruiter, if a manager earning $62,000 is terminated after 2.5 years, the bottom-line cost to the employer is $840,000. This includes hiring costs, salary, benefits, lost productivity, severance, and lost business opportunities. Also expensive are hiring mistakes. It costs a company around $240,000 to […]

How Employment Skills Tests Help Businesses with Hiring and Training

The last two years have been challenging for organizations in all industry sectors. They have had to adjust business operations to deal with a global pandemic. They have had to navigate their way through a multitude of supply chain issues to meet customer demand. Now they are struggling to fill critical positions due to an […]

How Pre-Employment Skills Tests Speed Up Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most overlooked facets of hiring. In many organizations, onboarding new employees consists of little more than a short greeting, a quick tour, a few hurried introductions, and completing reams of paperwork. Not having a formal onboarding process is inefficient as well as costly. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, […]
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