How Employee Assessments Improve Your Workforce

Employee assessments are a critical tool every organization should use to improve performance. Studies show that top talent can increase productivity by up to eight times. Unfortunately, due to a global talent shortage, recruiting top performers is challenging. According to a Korn Ferry report, there is a shortage of 85 million people when it comes […]

What is an Employee Assessment Test?

The skills employees need to thrive are changing at an unprecedented rate. Advances in technology, automation, and AI are disrupting roles across industries. According to the World Economic Forum, over half of employees will require significant reskilling by 2025 as the adoption of emerging technologies accelerates. This mounting skills gap means organizations can no longer […]

Employee Skills Assessment Examples for Workforce Development

The skills and capabilities employees need to be effective are evolving faster than ever. Organizations can no longer rely on infrequent, backward-looking performance reviews to manage and develop talent. Instead, they require dynamic tools to continually assess employee proficiencies and growth areas and enable personalized upskilling. This is where regular employee skills assessments add tremendous […]

What Are the Types of Behavioral Assessments Used in Hiring?

If you have found that hiring has become more difficult, you are not alone. These past few years have been challenging for business leaders. They were forced to change their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many felt the impact of the Great Resignation, when millions quit their jobs. Now they are having trouble finding […]

What is a Behavioral Assessment Test for Interviewing

Business leaders worldwide agree that hiring has become more challenging during the past few years. First, they had to adjust their operations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then millions of people left their jobs as part of the Great Resignation. Now they are dealing with an unprecedented global talent shortage. Most HR teams use skills […]

Benefits of Behavior Assessments in Hiring

Most HR leaders agree that hiring has become more challenging over the past few years. Businesses had to adjust their operations to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic. Then there was the Great Resignation, when millions left their jobs. Now they are dealing with a global talent shortage. Organizations use skills tests to identify top candidates. However, […]

How Do I Select the Best Employment Testing Solution?

Hiring mistakes cost organizations thousands of dollars annually. Research shows that if a manager who earns $62,000 is terminated after 2.5 years, the bottom-line cost to the employer is $840,000. This cost includes recruiting costs, salary, benefits, severance, disruption to productivity, and lost business opportunities. The business also loses what it has invested in the […]

What Types of Hiring Assessment Tests Should I Use?

Hiring has become more challenging during the past few years. This is partly because 47.4 million workers quit in 2021 during the Great Resignation. However, the problem is mainly due to a skills gap growing for the past decade. Many companies’ hiring needs have changed because they have adopted new technology and implemented digital transformation […]

How Can I Benefit by Using Hiring Assessments?

HR professionals strive to recruit “perfect” candidates for all their open roles. However, as many can attest, this is easier said than done. The first reason is a lack of candidates with the skills organizations need. Many businesses have upgraded their technology and implemented digital transformation solutions. They’ve added new jobs to support their new […]

How to Customize Skills Assessments to Improve Hiring

Hiring mistakes are expensive. Industry research shows that recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can cost as much as $240,000. If the employee is let go or leaves voluntarily, the organization loses its investment and must incur additional costs to find a replacement. Filling critical job roles is especially challenging because we are experiencing […]

How to Make the Best Hires with Skills Assessment Tests

All organizations focus on maximizing productivity because their success and possibly survival depend on how well they outperform their competition and meet growth goals. Hiring the best talent is the key to improving productivity and meeting deadlines. Suppose you have a cross-functional project which should take three years to complete. A McKinsey study showed you […]
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