Use These Leadership Skills Tests to Help Your Executive Team

There is no question that businesses understand the importance of having an effective and well-trained executive team. According to recent data, U.S. companies spend approximately $166 billion on leadership training efforts. Leadership skills training can equip your managerial and supervisory staff to effectively lead their teams, optimize productivity, and achieve organizational objectives. However, developing an […]

Why Skills Tests Are a Critical Part of Leadership Skills Training

According to recent data, U.S. businesses spent upwards of $160 billion on various employee training initiatives in 2020. Shockingly, 58% of organizational leaders reported no management training in that same period. While most businesses invest in employee education and upskilling initiatives, many neglect to provide their leaders with valuable training. There is no clear reason […]

How to Use Skills Tests to Develop Leadership

Do you want to develop your organization’s leadership and equip them with valuable skills? If so, then skills tests offer the perfect solution. Even natural-born leaders would benefit from targeted training efforts. Leadership training can improve learning by 25% and overall job performance by 20%. Well-trained leaders can boost the performance of their subordinates by […]

These Soft Skills Are Critical for Improving Leadership

Approximately 83% of enterprises prioritize developing leaders “at all levels” of the organization. Even though most companies emphasize developing leadership skills, roughly four out of ten leaders fail within 18 months of being appointed to their new position. While the circumstances surrounding each failure are undoubtedly unique, organizations can take steps to improve the success […]