10 Key Benefits of Pre-Hiring Assessments and How to Maximize Them

As an HR professional, you strive to recruit “perfect” candidates for all your open roles. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is easier said than done-especially in recent years. You are having difficulty finding qualified candidates because there is a shortage of applicants with the skills you need. If you have upgraded technology or […]

5 Candidate-Focused Assessment Methods for Hiring

You need applicants with specific qualifications to fill critical jobs. However, recruiting applicants has become challenging due to a global talent shortage. Companies’ needs have changed, but applicants’ skills have not kept pace. The result is a skills misalignment that is felt worldwide. According to a ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage survey, 75% of companies have difficulty […]

Getting Past the First 90 Days: Using Employment Readiness Assessments to Predict Good Fit

Employment readiness assessments are essential for organizations that want to improve hiring and employee development outcomes. According to a McKinsey study, hiring and developing top talent helps organizations increase productivity by around eight times. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than it sounds because businesses are finding it challenging to recruit top candidates. This is mainly […]

9 Must-Have Features of the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Business leaders dream of finding perfect candidates to fill all their critical jobs. However, this is easier said than done-especially in recent years. Organizations nationwide across all industries are struggling to find the talent they need to fill critical jobs. Although the talent shortage has eased, businesses still find it challenging to attract qualified applicants […]

First Hiring Impressions: Professional Pre-Hiring Assessments that Set the Tone for Success

Hiring has become complicated. Finding qualified candidates to fill critical job roles is challenging because there is a shortage of applicants with in-demand skills. Another problem is traditional recruiting tools are ineffective because over 85% of candidates lie on their resumes and during job interviews. Companies across all industries have implemented pre-hiring assessment solutions because […]

Unlocking Administrative Talent:The Skills Assessment Test

In many private- and public-sector companies, administrative employees are the glue that holds the company together. Senior managers rely on them to keep everything operating smoothly. Other employees value them because they always know where to find things and how to get things done. Administrative staffers wear many hats. They are responsible for managing supply […]

Skills that Shine: A Comprehensive Guide to Administrative Testing

Administrative employees are often described as the glue that holds the company together. They ensure everything operates smoothly and always know where to find things and how to get things done. Administrative staff need a variety of skills because they work in many different environments. They are responsible for ordering supplies, researching and compiling reports, […]

Finding the Perfect Fit: Skill Tests for Administrative Professionals

Administrative employees are often called the glue that holds everything together at the company. They ensure everything operates smoothly, know where to find everything, and how to get things done. Everyone company-wide relies on them in some way. Administrative staff need many skills because they wear many hats. They work with customers, order supplies, research […]

Employer’s Guide to Effective Data Entry Assessment Testing

Business leaders consider data entry an important company function because management cannot make informed decisions if data is not current and accurate. Employees from data entry clerks to senior executives must organize and manage alpha and numeric data. When they hire data entry operators, HR teams use a data entry assessment and a 10 key […]
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