What are the Three Most Common Types of Pre-Employment Testing?

The corporate landscape is more competitive than ever, and organizations are realizing the crucial role of their employees in driving success. Hiring the right talent is no longer just an HR function but a strategy that can significantly impact a company’s growth and prosperity. Traditional recruitment methods, while useful, may not always provide a comprehensive […]

What are the Disadvantages of Pre-Screening?

HR leaders across all industry sectors know how important it is to recruit top candidates. Their organization’s survival depends on it because companies need top-notch employees to compete effectively in today’s dynamic marketplace. Many HR professionals understand that pre-employment assessments are the best way to improve hiring outcomes. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), […]

What is Considered the Most Useful Tool for Evaluating a Candidate?

In today’s competitive job market, finding the right talent to fill crucial positions is a top priority for companies. Traditional recruitment methods often fall short in evaluating a candidate’s true potential and fit for a role. As a result, companies are turning to pre-employment assessment tools to gain deeper insights into job candidates’ abilities, skills, […]

Best Pre-Employment Assessments: What to Look For

HR leaders always look for better ways to recruit top talent and minimize hiring mistakes. Although labor markets are stabilizing, organizations are still coping with a talent shortage. Hiring mistakes are expensive, and they negatively impact productivity. Bad hires cost companies thousands of dollars annually. If a company terminates a manager who earns $62,000, it […]

What is a Pre-Employment Assessment Tool?

Good employees are the lifeblood of a business and are key to an organization’s ability to meet its goals and objectives. Hiring the right talent improves productivity and helps companies maintain their competitive edge. With the wrong talent, operations run inefficiently, and productivity suffers. This is why companies implement online pre-employment assessment test solutions to […]

How to Find the Best Pre-Employment Assessment Provider

We are amid an unprecedented talent shortage, and organizations worldwide are having trouble recruiting qualified candidates to fill critical job roles. So, it is essential to get hiring right the first time and avoid hiring mistakes. Hiring mistakes cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. If a manager who earns $60,000 is terminated after 2.5 […]

Customer Service Assessment Test Examples for Improved Hiring

Organizations understand the importance of providing good service and know it improves client retention. So, they have increased their investment in customer service. However, service levels still do not meet customer expectations. Over 50% of consumers have not noticed any improvement in customer service, and 23% have said it has gotten worse.  When you provide clients with […]

How to Assess Customer Service Skills During the Interview Process

Organizations know providing top customer service is critical because 61% of consumers say they would change brands if they had a negative customer service experience. Unfortunately, improving service quality is much easier said than done. Although companies have increased their investment in customer service, they are not meeting customers’ expectations. Studies show over 50% of consumers have not […]

What Are the Types of Behavioral Assessments Used in Hiring?

If you have found that hiring has become more difficult, you are not alone. These past few years have been challenging for business leaders. They were forced to change their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many felt the impact of the Great Resignation, when millions quit their jobs. Now they are having trouble finding […]

What is a Behavioral Assessment Test for Interviewing

Business leaders worldwide agree that hiring has become more challenging during the past few years. First, they had to adjust their operations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then millions of people left their jobs as part of the Great Resignation. Now they are dealing with an unprecedented global talent shortage. Most HR teams use skills […]

Benefits of Behavior Assessments in Hiring

Most HR leaders agree that hiring has become more challenging over the past few years. Businesses had to adjust their operations to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic. Then there was the Great Resignation, when millions left their jobs. Now they are dealing with a global talent shortage. Organizations use skills tests to identify top candidates. However, […]
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