How Pre-Employment Aptitude Testing Helps Build High-Performing Workforces

According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), 82% of companies use pre-employment competency tests, and the number is growing. They previously used them to hire executive and mid-level leadership positions but now also use them for hourly and entry-level jobs. Business leaders know a strong team is essential to success. However, because many […]

Using Excel Skills Tests to Reduce Hiring Errors: A Comprehensive Guide

Digitalization has touched every industry, and computer proficiency is now a must-have skill for many jobs. In 2002, 44% of U.S. jobs required medium- to high-level digital skills. By 2016, that number had increased to 70%. A 2023 National Skills Coalition study shows that 92% of jobs now require computer skills. Microsoft Office® is acknowledged […]

The Top 5 Skills to Assess in a Basic Excel Assessment Test for Entry-Level Jobs

Microsoft Excel® is the most popular computer application for business use. This is not surprising because virtually all employees must compile, manage, and store information. Using spreadsheets allows employees to quickly organize data and create presentations that enable colleagues and stakeholders to understand it easily. Managers also use Excel to develop sales forecasts, financial reports, […]

A Guide to the Best Pre-Employment Skills Testing and Assessments

Business leaders have learned that implementing a pre-employment skills testing program is the best way to improve the overall quality of hire. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 25% of employers that use pre-employment skills assessment tests plan to expand their use of them within the next five years, and one in […]

Maximizing the ROI of Your Excel Proficiency Testing

The digital revolution has touched organizations in every industry. Computer skills are now a “must have” instead of a “nice to have” for most jobs. About 20 years ago, 44% of U.S. jobs required medium-high digital skill levels. Fifteen years later, 70% of jobs required good computer proficiency. A 2023 National Skills Coalition study shows […]

The Employer’s Guide to Developing a Skilled Manufacturing Workforce

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated. Over 2.7 million industrial robots are used in manufacturing and production facilities worldwide. These include fixed robotic arms, moving cobots (collaborative robots), and autonomous vehicles that move materials and finished goods. Nevertheless, humans are still needed to perform many jobs, and employers struggle to find qualified workers. According to the […]

Bridging the Skills Gap: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are struggling to fill essential jobs. According to a National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) survey, 65% of business leaders say attracting and retaining top employees is one of their top business challenges. Businesses are having difficulty recruiting qualified candidates because there is a shortage of applicants with the needed manufacturing skills. During the past […]

The Role of Aptitude Tests for Jobs in Identifying Top Talent and Improving Job Fit

Job aptitude tests are critical for organizations that want to improve performance. According to the Harvard Business Review, top companies are over 40% more productive than their nearest competitors and have operating margins 30% to 50% higher than their competitors. Hiring and placing the right people in the right jobs ensures operational efficiency. Unfortunately, this is […]
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