Today’s job seeker is a different breed from previous generations. From better company perks to being able to work flexible hours, and from a more casual dress code to the option to work remotely – modern job seekers have a whole different set of expectations. So what exactly do they want out of their next job?

This infographic breaks down where and when job seekers are looking for new opportunities today, and what they expect out of companies.

modern job seeker infographic


  • Krista L. says:

    Video interviewing is still better than phone interviewing. As for me, I prefer a real-life interview to any other type. It gives you more information, as you can make judgments about people’s emotions, gestures, or feelings. In my experience, behavioral information is often more relevant than textual or audial information.

  • Mindy Scott says:

    Amazing facts! I couldn’t have imagined that people are usually looking for a job in such places as restaurants and restrooms. But modern people do everything on the go, if not on the run, so there is nothing to be surprised about.

  • Melinda P. says:

    Do they want to work remotely? Yes! Most of them. I was asked whether our company provides the opportunity to work remotely in every job interview I conducted but one. And it was one of the main reasons why many people chose our company and not any other.

  • Madison C. says:

    As a hiring manager, I prefer in-person interviews if possible. It’s easy to miss things on video and the candidate can possibly use the computer to help with the interview (if they’re savvy enough.)
    I also find a lot of people do not like a flexible work schedule. “Flexible” is often synonymous with “erratic” and “inconsistent.” Sometimes, an inflexible work schedule is more compatible with someone’s lifestyle because the typical 8-5 gives them family time and time to hang out with their friend group who also works mostly 8-5.

  • John MIraglia says:

    Folks who publish these surveys need to tell us who responded (demographics, occupations, etc.) and how many respondents by demographic group. Without that info, the survey findings are interesting but of limited practical value.

  • Constantin says:

    I read somewhere that looking for a job is, in fact, a real job. I totally agree, especially if it is about a person without employment looking for a new job. If you are serious and act like a professional, you will always land the job you want.

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for your input, John. We’ll definitely take this into account for our future infographics and surveys.

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