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ESkill Blog How To Conduct A Video Job Interview

Most employers have a common goal; it’s hiring the best candidates possible at the lowest cost to their business. The goal is quickly becoming a valuable reality for many organizations by implementing a digital innovation into their hiring strategy — video interviewing.

One way video interviews, also known as asynchronous interviews, are a tool that is now accessible to recruiters thanks to advancements in technology. Instead of relying on the arduous task of scheduling interviews at a time that works for both the recruiter and candidate, both parties can now participate in an interview that works with their own schedule. Hiring teams can evaluate job seekers at a time that works best for them, and candidates already employed don’t need to schedule an interview time into their workday.

To successfully implement this recruitment framework, it is critical to invest in a video interview platform. eSkill offers an easy to use, trusted, and comprehensive video interviewing and skills assessment platform. Combining skills tests, behavioral assessments, simulations, and voice and video interview questions into one unified step takes the guesswork out of hiring and allows companies to make better hiring decisions faster and for less.

According to a 2014 study by Aberdeen, companies that use video interviewing improved their time to hire by 60% and are 2.7 times more likely to improve their cost per hire. If you are ready to deliver a candidate experience that appeals to job seekers all around the world, it is necessary to provide a seamless job interview video experience.

Let’s take a closer at how to conduct a video job interview.

  1. Decide on a Platform and Structure

Once you have decided that conducting a job interview video is the right choice for your business, it is important to find a platform like that will effortlessly integrate behavioral assessments, skills testing, and job simulations. eSkill provides clients with a dedicated US-based Client Success Manager who will provide expert advice and guidance on best practices and test design.

If your company currently uses an HR or ATS system, it is important from a tracking perspective that the video interviewing platform can integrate with it. eSkill’s video interview platform integrates with most HR and ATS systems, including iCIMS, Taleo TBE/TEE, OutMatch Chequed, SmartRecruiters, Jobvite, HR Smart/Deltek, Zoho, Greenhouse, ADP RM, ADP/ TheRightThing, Success Factors, Talegent Managed, Cornerstone, AkkenCloud, Expr3ss, JobDiva, Workday, Hirelink, HRNX. If integration into an HR or ATS system outside of those previously listed is required, our integration team can help.

  1. Align Questions with Job Requirements

When designing any pre-employment assessment, including interviews, it is critical that the hiring team identifies the skills required for a specific role through a job analysis. Once all of the key requirements are identified, use eSkill’s library of job-related and skill-related questions and/or create your custom questions. Another feature of eSkill’s video interviewing platform is the option to choose the time candidates have to answer each question. Questions can then be rated on difficulty level allowing scoring to be weighted for the most accurate results.

  1. Ensure Candidate Satisfaction

The interview process can be stress-inducing, even for the most qualified candidate. As we know, stress hinders performance, running the risk of making candidates appear less suited for a position. Today’s tight job market, with unemployment at historic lows (3.6%), creates a challenge for hiring managers to find qualified candidates. With video job interviews, it is possible to create a better candidate experience to attract top talent.

Create an email template to accompany the invitation to take the video interview. Explain in the email that the individual has been chosen because they stood out amongst a set of candidates and your business would like to offer them the chance to showcase their abilities and communication skills. Also, explain that the candidate can complete the one-way video interview at a time that works best for them. Candidate satisfaction throughout the pre-employment process is key to attracting qualified candidates.

  1. Screen Candidates Efficiently

After candidates submit their video job interview, recruiters and other position stakeholders watch the interview and score the responses. With eSkill’s platform, a designated team is able to “blindly” grade interview responses according to a customized set of criteria. This allows for a grading system that is both efficient and standardized. Candidates who stand out can be reviewed to ensure the best decision is being made.

It takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position in a company, according to a study conducted by Glassdoor. It should be no surprise to most that the hiring process can be costly and time-consuming. Learning how to conduct a video job interview allows businesses to quickly and accurately make hiring decisions. Utilizing eSkill’s video interviewing and skills assessment platform, your HR team and position stakeholders will be able to review and compare applicants’ results easily to ensure you are making the best hiring decision possible, lowering costs and increasing your employee retention rate.

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