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Effective communication is critical to patient safety. Both patient–professional communication and communication amongst healthcare teams are fundamental skills in medical practice. Most healthcare professionals know that effective communication is key to mitigating patient risks. Yet, miscommunication continues to plague the healthcare industry.

In a 2018 report, communication failures, either between providers and patients or amongst providers, were listed as the top contributing factor in over 30% of the 124,000 malpractice cases examined in the U.S. between 2007 and 2016. Further, a 2016 University of California study found that with better communication between providers and patients and among healthcare teams, it would be possible to reduce hospital readmissions by around 25%.

Excellent communication skills are required for all healthcare professionals, not just nurses, and psychologists. Active listening, responding appropriately to patients’ needs and concerns, accurately assessing body language, and proficiency in medical terminology are all necessary skills that both clinical and nonclinical healthcare workers need to possess.

Identifying and hiring candidates who communicate effectively improves patient care and productivity and increases profits. While skills needed to utilize a software application or administer medication can be learned, teaching most communication skills can be an uphill battle because personality traits largely influence them.

Although some newer longitudinal studies have revealed that traits are more nuanced than previously believed and that some changes can and do occur over time, the ability to change them is not an easy feat. eSkill’s communication skills tests enable employers to objectively identify candidates who have the skill sets and personality traits needed to succeed in the healthcare setting.

Medical Terminology Skills Tests

Medical terminologies are universal to the healthcare industry and considered the “language of medicine.” The use of medical terminology is not just limited to doctors and nurses. All employees in the healthcare industry must master it including medical coders and billers, medical assistants, and medical transcriptionists. Healthcare professionals not familiar with medical terminology will be lost and even have the potential to hurt patients.

eSkill offers out-of-the-box medical, dental, and pharmaceutical terminology skills tests. These communication skills assessment tests provide employers with an accurate picture of candidates’ proficiency in the “language of medicine.”

Interpersonal Communication Skills Tests

Communication Amongst Staff

Effective communication is imperative when discussing procedures, patient needs, treatment plans, and patients’ medical histories. When vital information is misunderstood or not communicated, the risk of patient injuries, death, and malpractice goes up.

eSkill’s business communication skills test measures candidates’ ability to communicate in the workplace. This assessment is vital to understanding if candidates have the personality traits and communication skills to thrive in the healthcare industry.

While eSkill’s business communication skills test includes relevant interpersonal communication skills test questions, it is easy to choose additional questions from eSkill’s library to increase the scope of the assessment. Additional interpersonal communication skills test questions cover:

  • Reducing verbal miscommunication
  • Navigating contradictory messages
  • Encouraging open communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Facilitating communication amongst peers
  • Listening to colleagues

Communication When Working with Patients and Family Members

Rapport and trust can be built if employees show empathy, compassion, and understanding with a non-judgmental approach. This helps minimize miscommunication, mistrust, and unnecessary injuries or avoid them altogether.

eSkill’s customer service in healthcare skills test covers providing healthcare support, discussing medical issues, and facilitating communication between patients and doctors. This assessment is weighted heavily with verbal communication skills test questions.

Again, it is easy to add more communication skills questions to this assessment. Relevant topics include:

  • Therapeutic communication
  • The therapeutic approach to a grieving patient or family
  • Psychological support for HIV patients
  • Handling serious complaints
  • Issuing treatment plans
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • Helping visitors

Written Communication Skills Test

From registered nurses to medical transcriptionists, healthcare workers must write and record detailed notes about medication, symptoms, procedures, dietary needs, and psychosocial needs.

eSkill’s written communication skills test evaluates candidates’ knowledge of the principles of written communication in healthcare, including:

  • Documentation of subjective data
  • Recording intake and output
  • Proper capitalization of diagnoses
  • Components of a discharge summary
  • Transcribing genus and species names
  • Proper use of medical abbreviations

Create a Comprehensive Job-Specific Skills Test

Communication is a fundamental clinical skill that, if performed competently and efficiently, facilitates the establishment of a relationship of trust between the medical staff and the patient and amongst staff. While there is no one-size-fits-all communication skills test, eSkill offers a wide variety of job-specific skills tests that include measurements of effective communication. For example, eSkill’s Pharmacist test includes questions about handling customer complaints, etiquette, and body language, as well as the proper use of medical abbreviations in written communications.

Job-specific skills tests, such as eSkill’s medical assistant skills test, are combinable with any single-subject skills test to match the requirements of a particular position. eSkill’s expert team is available to help you choose and administer the skills tests that meet your organization’s hiring goals.

Utilizing video interviews along with job-specific skill tests enables hiring teams to gain valuable data about candidates’ likelihood to succeed in a position.  With eSkill’s user-friendly platform, this data can be leveraged to make informed hiring decisions. By taking an objective approach to talent acquisition, you will increase employee productivity and decrease the amount of time and money spent on hiring.

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