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About AtWork

With more than 25 years leading the staffing industry, Staffing Industry Analysts named AtWork Group one of the Top U.S. staffing firms. AtWork offers a comprehensive training program for new franchise owners that covers subjects important for business success, with a strong focus on hiring and management of AtWork personnel.

The Challenge

Before using eSkill, AtWork:

  • Batched multiple pre-employment tests together, which were very long for the candidates
  • Franchises couldn’t track which session IDs were used by candidates and didn’t have access to test descriptions
  • They used pre-built tests, so they had no options for customization

This left AtWork with an unstructured and limited screening process.

The Solution

In 2014, AtWork first moved to use eSkill pre-employment assessment tests to hire for Accounting positions. They chose eSkill because they could control the screening experience. They could customize skills tests down to the question. This made the assessments relevant according to subject and skill level.  There was no longer a middleman to talk to about these pre-hire tests. They were also able to decentralize the administration of the tests, and all of their locations now have their own dashboard to manage assessments and review results.

When hiring new employees, AtWork uses eSkill’s free response section to understand how their incoming accountants will perform on the job. The questions have an attached Excel template that the candidate will have to download, complete, and reupload for each question. This is essentially an Accounting Simulation that eSkill set up for the client. You can see a sample of their Accounting skills test here:

Skill Test

AtWork worked with eSkill to determine the core set of skills, including Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Assets & Depreciation, Excel, Prepaid Expenses, Projections, and Budgets. The company uploaded 13 custom questions from the eSkill platform, and candidates were given approximately 160 minutes to complete the test.

The Results

After using eSkill assessments for prospective Accounting candidates, AtWork:

  • Reduced lost time and opportunity – using eSkill assessments reduced the time to hire by 60%. On average, this represents 16 hours per candidate.
  • Reduced the cost to hire – using eSkill assessments reduced the costs of evaluations by 70%. On average this represents at least $600 per candidate.

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Why do eSkill clients choose eSkill over other assessment providers?

  • Our easily customizable tests offer maximum relevance, validity, and efficiency.
  • Our skills test library is the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Each client is assigned a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager, who provides you with a quick onboarding setup, training, and help to design and to implement assessments.
  • eSkill offers 24/7 live support for clients and test-takers.
  • Test-takers can take tests on any computer or browser without the need for plug-ins or downloads.
  • Our assessment simulations have multiple correct solutions, giving you a more accurate picture of candidates’ on-the-job performance.
  • Clients experience unlimited use of eSkill tests and the competency library, which has more than 600 combinable subjects, 5,000 selectable subtopics, and 1200 standard tests.
  • eSkill clients can easily add voice and video interviewing to skills testing and behavioral assessments for an easy, and complete candidate evaluation
  • eSkill has a nearly 20-year track record of legal compliance.

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