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Hiring is time-consuming and often frustrating. While the average time-to-hire is about 20 to 30 days, it can reach as high as 40 days or more in the public sector and in industries such as defense, information technology, and scientific research.

Streamlining recruiting is a priority for business leaders because they must hire qualified candidates to fill critical jobs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to recruit top applicants due to a talent shortage that shows no sign of ending.

During the past decade, companies in all industries have adopted new technology and implemented digital transformation initiatives. So, their requirements and in-demand skills have changed for many jobs. Many applicants’ skills have not kept pace. So, while companies might receive hundreds of responses when they post a job, few applicants have the right qualifications.

Organizations worldwide are using the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM to screen candidates quickly and find the “needles in the haystack.” Many have improved quality of hire, reduced time-to-hire, and decreased hiring costs. These are some of their pre-hire assessment examples:


TaskUs is a leading global provider of outsourced digital and next-generation customer experience services. It represents eCommerce, healthcare, financial, entertainment/gaming travel, and social media companies and helps them grow and protect their brands. Some of its clients include Facebook and Doordash, Coinbase, Netflix, Zoom, AutoDesk, and Uber.

Like many call center companies, TaskUs had a problem with high turnover. Management was sure they could reduce turnover by screening applicants more thoroughly to ensure a good job fit. The HR team evaluated several options and decided the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM was the best pre-hire assessment solution because it offered flexible customization options and delivered maximum value for the annual subscription cost.

The TaskUs staff met with operational leaders at their client companies and shadowed employees to understand the types of candidates they needed to recruit. Then they created validated skills tests to administer to candidates along with behavioral assessments.

Before TaskUs started using eSkill, only 78% of its new hires graduated from training. After implementation, its graduation rate increased to 98% and has remained above 90%.

Charger Logistics

Charger Logistics Inc. is a commercial transportation company headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It provides dedicated truckload, expedited freight, temperature-controlled shipping, specialized haul, and brokerage and drayage solutions to over 900 small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies.

Management wanted to improve the company’s ability to evaluate candidates’ computer skills and cognitive abilities to simplify its applicant screening process and reduce hiring costs and time-to-hire.

The HR team evaluated several assessment products and decided the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM was the best pre-hire assessment solution for its needs because it includes access to an extensive assessment test library and offers the most customization capabilities. It also provides better value because the subscription was based on 12 months instead of the calendar year.

Since different jobs require different skills and experience levels, recruiters created assessments to test for beginning, intermediate, and expert proficiency. All applicants completed skills and cognitive assessments. The HR team could quickly sort the results and move candidates who scored 70% or better to the next stage of hiring.

After implementing eSkill, Charger Logistics reduced initial candidate screening time by 40% and time-to-hire by 33% from application submission to job offer.

It also reduced new-hire ramp-up time due to improved quality of hire, increased employee retention rate to 95%, and reduced hiring costs by 30%.

ELIA Transmission Belgium

ELIA Transmission Belgium is Belgium’s national high-voltage electricity transmission system operator. It transmits electricity from generators to distribution system operators that supply small and medium-sized enterprises and homes and also operates in parts of Germany. ELIA contracts with major industrial users that connect directly to its high-voltage grid and offers consulting and engineering services through ELIA Grid International, a subsidiary.

Since high-voltage electrical distribution sites are hazardous, all technicians and crew members who work in or enter these areas are legally required to undergo safety training and pass a test. The tests are administered in person to meet security regulations and prevent cheating.

ELIA was administering over 100 paper-based assessments daily and manually processing and scoring them. This was inefficient and time-consuming, and the staff often had trouble printing the tests. So, management began evaluating solutions to administer assessments more efficiently.

Management decided the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM was the best pre-hire assessment solution for its needs because it allowed them to customize assessments and add their own content using eSkill Author. Testing and certification officers needed to import over 1,300 proprietary questions and create tests in Dutch, French, and English, plus eight other languages.

Since implementation, ELIA has improved the efficiency of its testing and increased the number of candidates it tests daily by 25%. It is considering adding eSkill’s behavioral assessments in the future and plans to use customized skills assessments to hire employees for its sea-based wind turbine division.

Get Started with Pre-Hire Assessments

You need employees who can quickly adjust to industry transformations and market demand. Implementing pre-hire assessments is your first step toward building an agile, resilient workforce.

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