How to Use Skills Tests to Improve Healthcare Customer Service

Most patients see the healthcare industry as comprised of doctors, nurses, and surgical teams because these are the people with whom they have the most contact. However, while they rarely see support staff such as administrative assistants, lab technicians, medical assistants, cooks, and janitors, the people in these roles help ensure a hospital visit will […]

How Pre-Employment Tests Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Hiring is often a time-consuming and frustrating process. While the average time-to-hire is about 20 to 30 days, it is often over 40 days for companies in many industries, such as finance, engineering, IT, and research. Streamlining recruiting is a top priority for companies because they must find qualified candidates to fill critical jobs. This […]

How Customer Service Skills Tests Help You Hire Your Call Center Dream Team

According to the Hubspot 2022 State of Service report, 61% of consumers would change brands if they had a negative customer service experience. However, as many business leaders can attest, improving service quality is often easier said than done. Although companies have increased their investment in customer service, they are still not meeting customers’ expectations. According […]

Tips for Measuring and Assessing Soft Skills

When organizations fill critical roles, they post a job description to recruit external candidates. Some also survey their staff to see if any current employees are qualified. In either case, hiring teams typically evaluate hard skills—job-specific abilities that are essential to performing the job successfully. Many business leaders also acknowledge the importance of measuring and […]

Which Call Center Skills Tests Can Help You Boost Retention?

Most business leaders agree that recruiting qualified call center agents can be challenging. The job requires so many different skills that it is difficult to find candidates with all of them. To be effective, call center agents need to gain customers’ trust, which means they must be empathetic and good listeners. They must also be […]

How to Assess Soft Skills in the Workplace

When organizations need to fill critical roles, they post a job description to recruit external candidates. However, many forget to consider internal candidates. This is unfortunate because the ideal candidate may already work for their company. Promoting from within is an excellent long-term strategy that offers several benefits. It improves engagement and helps reduce turnover […]

Top Soft Skills Tests for Managers and Leaders

Business leaders are always looking for ways to improve productivity, increase profitability, and maintain their competitive edge in the market. The first step is hiring good managers and leaders. Most traditional hiring focuses on technical skills. While job-specific abilities are essential to managers’ and leaders’ success, soft skills are equally important. Unfortunately, many businesses do […]

A Recruiter’s Guide to Contact Center Simulation Assessments

Contact center managers know that excellent customer service is the key to keeping customers happy and building brand loyalty. They also know hiring qualified representatives is challenging because they need such diverse skills. Almost 80% of customers say speed and product/service knowledge are priorities. So, contact centers must hire employees with excellent verbal and written […]

How to Assess Soft Skills and Why It Matters for Company Culture

When HR teams hire employees, they focus mainly on hard skills, abilities that are needed to do the job, and disregard the importance of soft skills. This is a big mistake because while job-specific abilities are essential to success, hiring a candidate who lacks soft skills can result in poor team chemistry, decreased productivity, and […]

5 Reasons Staffing Agencies Use Call Center Listening Skills Tests

Many business leaders say their call center agents are the backbone of their company because no matter what product or service they sell, their customers remember how they are treated when they call to ask a question or get help with a problem. Many staffing agencies say it is challenging to recruit call center representatives […]

When to Use Skills Tests Versus Behavioral Assessments

A Harvard Business Review study proves that high productivity consistently results in significantly higher profits and faster growth. The best companies are over 40% more productive than their nearest competitors and have operating margins that are 30% to 50% higher than industry peers. Your employees play a primary role in your success because having highly […]
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