How Employment Assessments Speed Hiring and Save You Money

HR professionals worldwide are finding it challenging to locate qualified talent to fill critical job openings because of a talent shortage that has been building for the past decade. Businesses are facing the highest skills shortage in over a decade. According to a ManpowerGroup survey, talent shortages in the U.S. have more than tripled during […]

What Are the Most Popular Staffing Agency Skills Tests for 2023?

The primary goal for staffing firms is to fill critical job roles by presenting their clients with top-quality applicants. This has become challenging because we are in an unprecedented talent shortage. A Gartner survey shows the time required to fill a job increased by 18% from 2020 to 2021, which translates to an additional two […]

How Employment Testing Helps Organizations Innovate in a Down Economy

Are we headed toward a recession? That is a question many CEOs and industry experts are asking.  According to economic experts, we are officially in a recession if there are two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth. This has not occurred as of January 2023, but astute business leaders know it is important to […]

Which Staffing Skills Tests Help Your Firm Generate Maximum Revenue?

Staffing firms worldwide are scrambling to recruit top talent for their clients. The problem is mainly due to a global talent shortage that has been growing for the past decade. Companies’ needs have changed because technology has become more sophisticated. Unfortunately, applicants’ skills have not kept pace. Around 69% of global organizations reported talent shortages […]

How Pre-Employment Skills Testing Helps Staffing Firms Increase Revenue

If your staffing firm is like most, you are finding it challenging to recruit top talent to fill critical job orders for clients. This is because we have a global talent shortage that has been growing for the past decade. The main problem is companies’ needs have changed because of technological advancements, but applicants’ skills […]

How to Up Your Hiring Game with Call Center Skills Tests

Call center managers know keeping customers happy and building brand loyalty requires excellent customer service. However, hiring qualified customer service representatives can be challenging because they “wear many hats.” They need good verbal and written communication skills as well as multitasking and time management abilities. They also need the ability to discuss products and services […]

Why Microsoft Word Skills Tests Are Critical in 2023

According to HR Morning, finding enough quality candidates will be the biggest challenge hiring teams face in 2023. Other factors HR leaders cited were an uncertain economy and recession fears. According to the report, in 2022, only 23% of organizations said they planned to reduce hiring plans or implement hiring freezes. In 2023, that number […]

5 Surprising Reasons to Use Microsoft Office Skills Tests

With a user base of 1.2 billion, Microsoft Office® is the world’s most popular software application. Over 60 million commercial customers use Office 365, and around 50,000 new small business customers adopt it each month. MS Excel® is the most popular application in the suite and is used by 99.99% of global companies. Why Microsoft […]

The Definitive Guide to Testing Customer Service Skills

Organizations know high-quality customer service is essential because 61% of consumers say they would change brands if they had a negative customer service interaction. However, improving service quality is often easier said than done. Companies have increased their investment in customer service but are still not meeting customers’ expectations. A recent study showed that more than 50% of […]

What Do Customer Service Assessment Tests Measure?

The most important elements of a positive customer experience for most Americans is prompt service and product knowledge according to a recent PWC study. However, a Bloomberg report shows call center wait times have tripled due to the Great Resignation. This is significant because 61% of consumers are likely to change brands if they have a single […]

How Skills Testing Can Help You Reduce HR Expenses

Hiring is a significant investment for any business. According to a Glassdoor study, the average cost of recruiting an employee is around $4,000. However, it varies by company and job role. It is not a process that can be rushed. If you guess wrong, you incur additional expenses to terminate the employee who did not […]
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