Are Pre-Employment Tests the Missing Link in Your Company’s Results?

Hiring can be a time-consuming, frustrating process. While the average time-to-hire is about 20 to 30 days, it is often over 40 days for companies in many industries, such as defense, information technology, and scientific research. Streamlining recruiting is a priority for organizations because they need qualified candidates to fill vital jobs. Unfortunately, it has […]

Use Employment Assessments to Achieve 2024 Business Goals

Employment assessment testing is essential for organizations that want to improve hiring and employee development outcomes. A McKinsey study shows that hiring and developing top talent increases productivity by around eight times. Unfortunately, it is challenging to recruit top candidates because we are amid a global talent shortage. According to a Korn Ferry report, there […]

Can Skills Tests for Jobs Help You Build Your Dream Team?

Organizations nationwide across all industries are struggling to find the talent they need because of the talent shortage we are experiencing. So, a big question every HR professional is asking is how to attract qualified applicants with the right skills and experience. HR teams need a well-planned strategy to recruit and retain top talent in […]

Using a Job Skills Assessment to Increase Hiring Success in 2024

Hiring has become challenging because traditional recruiting tools are ineffective. HR teams used to rely on resumes, applications, and interviews. However, they cannot assume the information on candidates’ resumes and what they learn during interviews is accurate because over 85% of candidates lie on resumes and during job interviews. Employers are also having trouble finding […]

How Are Job Skills Tests Used in Hiring?

Improving hiring outcomes is a top priority for companies because they must find qualified candidates to fill critical jobs. Unfortunately, HR leaders are finding it is much easier said than done. Hiring has become a challenge for employers worldwide due to an unprecedented talent shortage that shows no sign of ending. According to a Korn […]

Improve Employee Morale with Upskilling and Training

Employee morale is crucial to workplace culture, engagement, and business performance. Providing ample opportunities for upskilling and training is an excellent way to improve morale and build a motivated, dedicated workforce. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 94% of employees surveyed say they would remain with an organization longer if offered the chance to improve […]

How to Upskill: Unlocking Improved Employee Engagement and Morale

Employee engagement is vital for organizational success. Disengaged workers are less productive and more likely to leave or damage workplace culture. Upskilling presents a powerful way to boost engagement that delivers benefits for both employees and employers. How to Upskill Staff Upskilling helps future-proof your workforce so you can take advantage of new market opportunities. […]

The Definition of Upskilling: What Every Business Leader Should Know

Upskilling has become a hot topic in business. With rapid technological advances and an ever-changing workplace, companies must ensure their employees continuously update their skills. As a business leader, being strategic about upskilling will help your organization stay competitive and your workforce stay relevant. Here is what you need to know: Definition of Upskilling Upskilling […]

What is a Call Center Assessment Test?

Keeping customers happy depends on exceptional customer service and building brand loyalty. However, hiring qualified call center customer service agents is challenging because they need very diverse skills. Around 80% of customers cite service delivery speed and product/service knowledge as priorities. So, contact centers need customer service reps with good verbal and written skills, superior […]

Do Contact Center Owners Need Online Assessments for Call Centers?

HR professionals readily agree that it is difficult to recruit good contact center representatives. Good agents must have a variety of skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessities, and they must also be superior multitaskers, and need to be good at managing their time effectively. They need to understand their company’s products and […]

Why Call Center Recruitment Staff Should Use Call Center Assessment Tests

Hiring qualified call center representatives is challenging because they wear many hats. They should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and must be good multitaskers and time managers. They also need to understand the company’s products and services, be able to discuss them with customers, and be pleasant and agreeable—even with difficult (and sometimes […]
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