How to Improve Productivity with Skills Tests and Behavioral Assessments

All organizations strive to maximize productivity because their success (and often their survival) depends on their ability to increase market share and meet growth goals. According to the Harvard Business Review, the best companies are more than 40% more productive than their nearest competitors and have operating margins that are 30% to 50% higher than […]

Merit-Based Hiring is Tomorrow’s Talent Management Solution

The private sector has been moving toward merit-based hiring for several years. This means recruiters and hiring managers are placing more emphasis and value on applicants’ skills and experience than on degrees, education, and information provided on their resumes. Per the Harvard Business Review, employers began transitioning to skills-centric talent management solutions between 2017 and […]

How to Hire Better Logistics Employees with Skills Tests

With all the supply chain issues we are experiencing, there are few people who do not understand why the transportation and logistics industry is essential to the U.S. economy. Shortages of everything from baby formula to semiconductor chips are causing problems for consumers and manufacturers alike. This bad news is actually good news for supply […]

Why Organizations Are Turning to Merit-Based Hiring

The private sector has been transitioning to merit-based recruitment in hiring and training. This means HR leaders and hiring managers are focusing on skills and experience and placing less emphasis on education and degrees. In 2020, the federal government followed suit when Executive Order 13932 was enacted to modernize and reform how agencies evaluated and […]

How Skills- and Merit-Based Hiring Improve Workforce Diversity

Your recruiters are tasked with finding the best-qualified employees for all your job roles. So, they screen applicants to identify candidates with the required skills and aptitudes and eliminate those who are unqualified. This process works as it is supposed to unless unconscious bias intervenes. Subjective bias, or making snap judgments about people, can result […]

How to Hire Better Truck Drivers with Skills Tests

You do not have to be a transportation or logistics expert to understand how important truck drivers are to the U.S. economy, especially with all the supply chain issues we are experiencing.  If you observe traffic while driving on the highway, you will see many trucks, from local delivery trucks and vans to 18-wheelers hauling […]

How Truck and Delivery Driver Skills Tests Save You Time and Money

Transportation and logistics companies are dealing with many supply chain issues that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. They are also having problems finding qualified truck and delivery drivers. According to a recent report issued by Smart Trucking, there is a shortage of 60,000 drivers in the United States and 90,000 in Canada. And according […]

How Merit-Based Hiring Simplifies Talent Pipeline Management

For several years, the private sector has been moving toward merit-based hiring-placing more emphasis and value on skills and experience than on education and degrees. According to the Harvard Business Review, employers began transitioning to a skills-centric talent pipeline management strategy between 2017 and 2019 instead of focusing purely on degrees and work experience. With […]

How Pre-Employment Skills Tests Speed Up Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most overlooked facets of hiring. In many organizations, onboarding new employees consists of little more than a short greeting, a quick tour, a few hurried introductions, and completing reams of paperwork. Not having a formal onboarding process is inefficient as well as costly. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, […]

What Should You Look for in a Pre-Hire Skills Testing Provider?

Choosing the right pre-hire skills test provider will help you reduce HR costs and decrease time-to-hire. Many HR teams and hiring managers have adopted pre-hire skills tests so they have a standardized, objective method for evaluating job candidates and employees. According to the American Management Association (AMA), almost 90% of companies that assess job applicants […]

How to Avoid Costly Mis-Hires with Pre-Employment Testing

A bad hiring decision harms team morale and productivity and has a negative impact on your bottom line. Department of Labor statistics show that the cost of a bad hire can be as high as 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings, and a CareerBuilder study revealed that 74% of companies that made poor hires lost […]

How to Evaluate Pre-Employment Skills Assessment Test Providers?

Choosing the right pre-employment skills test provider will help your organization reduce overall HR costs and expedite time-to-hire. When researching assessment providers, you should evaluate these criteria. HR and hiring managers use pre-employment skills tests because they offer an easy way to evaluate job candidates and employees objectively. According to the American Management Association (AMA), […]
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