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Since the remote workforce is growing and social distancing protocols remain in place, video conferencing has become a go-to for most human resources (HR) professionals. However, for recruiters and hiring teams to realize the full potential of video interviews, they must go beyond traditional “live” video interviews conducted via Skype and other video chat applications and add on-demand asynchronous video interviews to their hiring process.

On-demand video interviewing software like eSkill’s innovative platform facilitates a structured and streamlined approach to vetting candidates quickly. Jobseekers simply record their responses to a predetermined set of questions. Then hiring teams can review, score, and share interview results at their convenience. While the introduction of on-demand video interviews into the talent screening process is at the top of our video interview tips, how you use them is just as important.

Develop a Systematic Process

Whenever you add a new tech tool to your hiring process, you much clearly define its role. According to a recent survey, just 16% of respondents said the components of their pre-hire tools were well-integrated.  These eleven steps are critical to developing a well-integrated, systematic hiring process that harnesses the power of on-demand video interviews.

  1. Assemble a hiring team. Identify the members of the HR team and position stakeholders to include. Position stakeholders can be prospective supervisors and co-workers and in-house subject-matter experts. Creating a robust hiring team will ensure the interview questions, scoring parameters, and resulting scores are valid and reliable indicators of future on-the-job success.
  2. Create a hiring process workflow. Developing a visual roadmap for your talent funnel workflow enables a consistent and streamlined process. When every member of the hiring team is clear about the steps and criteria in the hiring process, time-to-hire decreases and hiring results improve.
  3. Write a carefully crafted job description. Detail all of the tasks and requirements for a position, including soft and technical skills. This description is critical because it dictates the development of evaluation criteria.
  4. Develop a system for shortlisting candidates. Deciding on a shortlist of candidates to interview does not have to be complicated. eSkill’s extensive library of customizable skills tests enables companies to vet applicants quickly and thoroughly. Hiring teams can easily select from over 800 subject-based and job-based skills tests, thousands of modular subjects, and endless questions categorized by topic to configure a skills test that matches the exact requirements of any position. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers can assist you in selecting and customizing a pre-employment test that directly aligns with any position. Automatically send the test to applicants and use the scores to determine which candidates will move to the interview phase of the hiring process. Instead of relying on subjective measures such as past work experience or education credentials, your team can use objective, quantifiable data to make informed decisions.
  5. Develop video interview questions. eSkill’s cloud-based platform allows your hiring team to collaborate by providing centralized access to the Employer Dashboard. eSkill’s Employer Dashboard provides hiring teams with a bank of video interview questions, or you can create your own. As is true with the pre-employment test, interview questions should align directly with the job description to ensure the interview is a valid indicator of future success in a position. Doing so ensures the hiring process is fair and consistent as well as legally defensible.
  6. Configure a scoring rubric. On eSkill’s user-friendly platform, hiring teams can create a scoring guide for each question. It is essential to collaborate with your team to decide the exact criteria for each score. Here is a look at an example of a structured question and the respective scoring guide:
    • Question: Using past work experience, discuss how you might handle a situation in which you must do several tasks simultaneously.
    • One point: Expressed their multi-tasking skills, but did not give examples or specific details relevant to past work experience. Or, gave examples of past work experience but did not convey their multi-tasking skills.
    • Two points: Moderately expressed their skills with vague or limited connections to past work experience.
    • Three points: Answered the question thoroughly, clearly expressing their multi-tasking skills with relevant and detailed examples of past work experience. 
  7. Record interview questions and configure settings. eSkill’s video interviewing software enables hiring teams to record video or voice questions, set the amount of attempts interviewees are allowed, set time limits for each response, and include customized instructions.
  8. Assign members of the hiring team to score interviews. In eSkill’s Interview Reviewer portal, administrators can assign specific hiring team members to score interviews. Selecting multiple people to assess interview responses using predetermined criteria reduces the time it takes to interview candidates while maintaining consistency in scoring practices.
  9. Send candidates email invitations. Easily automate communications with job-seekers. On eSkill’s Employer Dashboard you can customize the email template for interview requests and instantly send it to your shortlist of candidates.
  10. Monitor progress. In eSkill’s Interview Reviewer portal, administrators can view details about interviews, including candidates’ information, assigned interviewers, interview status (waiting for review or scored), score totals, and additional notes.
  11. Compare scores and calibrate results. Administrators can ensure scoring is standardized when enlisting more than one member of the hiring team to evaluate each interview because they can view and compare the scores each team member awards to an interview response and approve the scores to reach a final total.

According to research conducted by Deloitte, a consensus is developing that traditional interviews are an unreliable means for measuring candidates’ potential on-the-job success because they are subjective and unstructured. eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing software provides HR professionals with the framework to conduct structured interviews since all candidates are asked the same questions in the same order and scored on the same criteria. So, on-demand video interviews not only speed up the hiring process but also enable an objective evaluation of candidates resulting in better hires.

As video interviews continue to become the “new normal,” it is vital to remember that a systematic approach to implementation is the key to success. eSkill’s innovative video interviewing platform and expert staff make it possible for employers and recruiters to create a customized process that streamlines hiring.

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