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No matter how you view the issue, remote work is likely to play a significant role in the workforce in the coming years. According to Deloitte, nearly 55% of business executives expect at least 50% of their workforce to be remote in the coming years, with 19% expecting at least three-quarters of their employees to be working remotely.

Workers, too, are embracing remote work. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) notes that 52% of workers would prefer to keep working remotely after COVID-19 — and 35% of those respondents would take a salary cut to make that happen.

With this increasing emphasis on remote work, remote interviews are also increasing in importance. That means you need to find the best video interviewing software to serve your needs, whether you are combining remote and in-person interviews or are relying solely on video interview platforms. At eSkill, video response questions allow you to integrate remote interview questions into your skills and cognitive pre-employment assessments.

eSkill Is a Leader in the Talent Assessment Industry

eSkill offers users a vast range of skills tests that you can use to assess your applicants’ skills, knowledge, and cognitive abilities. With a library of more than 800 pre-made tests organized by both subject and specific job, you are sure to find a test to suit your needs.

What sets eSkill apart from other companies is the ability to fully customize your skills tests, so you can tailor tests for each specific position you are hiring to fill. This flexibility allows you to gauge each candidate’s Job Fit, determining which individuals are best suited to the role.

When creating custom skills tests, you can combine two or more existing tests, or you can build your own skills test by hand-picking validated questions from the bank of more than 5,000 existing questions — or by supplying your own. So for an administrative assistant position, you can combine the Email Etiquette test with tests more directly related to your industry, like the Customer Service-Hospitality test.

Using eSkill’s Testing Platform as Video Interview Software

One of the options when adding testing content to your skills tests is video response questions. These questions allow you to better understand the candidate’s personality, including how they communicate verbally. You can pose any number of questions that you might use in a face-to-face job interview, including:

  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Can you tell me something I will not find on your resume?

Candidates will be asked to record their responses on video, which gives you a great deal of insight into each candidate’s non-verbal mannerisms. For example, you can evaluate their reasoning abilities, including how they perform under the pressure of recording an answer.

Video response questions can also help you discover candidates you might have otherwise overlooked based on their resumes. This insight can go a long way toward helping you overcome any unconscious bias that might otherwise affect your hiring.

Asynchronous Scoring Makes Group Interviews Easier

One of the biggest benefits of using eSkill’s video response questions as video interview software is the flexibility you will enjoy when evaluating responses. Every response can be graded on a simple 10-star system. Or, you can go more in-depth and create a rubric for assessing candidates, weighing some factors more than others to emphasize the qualities you value most.

Unlike many other video interview platforms, where hiring teams must evaluate interviewees during the interview, each hiring committee member can assess video response questions at a time that works best for them.

This asynchronous scoring can be invaluable in group interviews, where you would otherwise need to marshal every group member at the same time to meet with a candidate on live video.

Instead, each team member can score candidates as schedules allow. While you will likely have an internal deadline, this feature gives your hiring team flexibility, allowing them to provide the necessary attention to each candidate to find the right hire.

eSkill’s intuitive dashboard also makes using their platform easy. Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can see with just a glance who has taken the skills test, as well as where each test stands in terms of evaluation. You can see which team members have submitted their scores and which are still in process.

As an added safeguard, each team member’s evaluation must be approved by a supervisor, allowing scores to be standardized. Video response questions are a powerful tool that you can use to interview candidates as part of the skills testing process.

Interested in Using Video Response Questions to Interview Remote Candidates?

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