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As the Coronavirus pandemic took hold and lockdown orders upended business-as-usual indefinitely, HR professionals found they needed to transform existing talent acquisition processes in what seemed like overnight. HR departments rapidly integrated cloud-based video interviewing solutions, skills testing, and collaboration tools with their existing tech stack to keep pace.

The use of virtual hiring platforms spiked in response to social distancing guidelines and business leaders began to realize the immense benefits of them. In fact, a recent survey found that HR leaders who rated the overall talent in their workforce as above average or top-notch were 15% more likely to use video interviewing platforms than their counterparts. Implementing effective virtual hiring tools is a must in today’s rapidly digitalized world of work.

On-Demand Video Interviews

On-demand or asynchronous video interviews take the interviewer out of the interview. Unlike a Zoom meeting, on-demand video interviews consist of candidates self-recording video responses to pre-recorded interview questions. With on-demand video interviews, organizations can gain valuable insight into candidates in a fraction of the time, and recruiters and hiring managers no longer need to waste valuable time scheduling and conducting phone interviews.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing platform is a fast and effective way of evaluating candidates. On eSkill’s user-friendly Employer Dashboard, organizations can choose to auto-send personalized requests to complete a video interview to every applicant or bulk send the requests to a shortlist of candidates. Candidates recorded answers then become instantly available to hiring team members.

Advanced Scoring Options & Collaboration Tools

Evaluate candidates’ responses using either eSkill’s Simple Scoring or Team Scoring features depending on the scale of your hiring efforts and the complexity of the interview questions.

  • Simple Scoring: eSkill’s simple scoring feature enables any member of the hiring team to rate video interview responses or the answers to open-ended free-response questions with one to ten stars along with a comment to add context. All members of the hiring team with score access privileges can see the ratings on the “Results by Questions” page. The page displays candidates’ responses alongside the star ratings awarded by the hiring team and any corresponding comments. Simple scoring is the fastest and most efficient way to evaluate interview responses and the answers to open-ended questions. It is an ideal scoring method for high-volume, first-round interviews, and straightforward questions.Simple Scoring

Simple Scoring example

  • Team Scoring: Using eSkill’s Interview Reviewer tool, an administrator designates members of the hiring team as “reviewers” who are tasked with scoring candidates’ responses. eSkill automatically notifies assigned reviewers when candidates submit their responses. The Team Scoring feature also enables hiring teams to create multiple scoring criteria for each question. Using the predetermined scoring criteria, reviewers independently score candidates’ responses. The administrator can see which reviewers have evaluated responses, and the scores awarded by each reviewer in real-time. To standardize the scoring process, the administrator must approve each reviewer’s scores. Once all scores have been entered and approved, eSkill automatically averages the scores to create a truly objective evaluation of candidates’ answers.Team Scoring

Team Scoring example

Develop a Systematic and Effective Pre Employment Testing Process

With eSkill, it is possible to develop a comprehensive and streamlined approach to pre-employment testing. eSkill’s platform provides HR professionals and recruiters with the tools to quickly and consistently identify top talent for positions across industries, including:

Employment Assessment Tests: When HR professionals combine eSkill’s customizable employment assessment tests and on-demand video interviews, they create a robust and efficient process for identifying top talent. With eSkill’s user-friendly Employer Dashboard, hiring teams can easily merge the video interviews and skills tests into a single evaluation or administer assessments individually. A newly-released study that analyzed hundreds of thousands of job interview reviews and resulting offer decisions found that job-seekers are more likely to accept an offer if the interview process includes a skills test. 

File Attachment: With eSkill, hiring teams can enable the “attach file” feature so candidates can attach a file to their video response so hiring teams to evaluate on-the-job skills more effectively. For instance, the hiring team could ask candidates applying for a graphic design position to explain how they incorporate different elements of typography in their work and instruct the candidates to attach a piece from their portfolio that demonstrates their experience.

Auto-Progress: Organizations can choose to auto-progress candidates in the hiring process based on their test scores. For instance, if candidates score above 80% on an initial skills test, they automatically receive a request to complete an on-demand video interview.

Instant Feedback: eSkill enables organizations to automatically send candidates their results as soon as they complete a skills test or after the interview scoring process is final. Providing candidates with same-day feedback improves companies’ chances of securing top talent. According to a recent survey, candidates who are interviewed and given feedback the same day were 52% more likely to apply for other jobs with the company or refer others. Conversely, if feedback was not received within the same day, candidates were more than twice as likely to end their relationship with the company.

Identity Verification: HR professionals can use eSkill’s Video Interview tool to verify candidates’ identification. When the feature is selected, eSkill prompts candidates to hold a picture ID alongside their face so an image is captured.

Seamless Tech Integration: eSkill’s suite of pre-employment testing solutions, including an on-demand video interviewing platform, employment assessment tests, score reports, and hiring team collaboration tools, seamlessly integrates with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a streamlined approach to hiring.

Customer Success Managers: eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers provide HR professionals with unlimited support and training, which makes it easy for them to implement an effective hiring strategy.

24/7/365 Tech Support: Employers and applicants have access to 24/7 tech support from eSkill to get help with questions and troubleshoot technology issues.

With an innovative suite of pre-employment testing solutions, including on-demand video interviews, customizable employment assessment tests, advanced automation, and cloud-based collaboration tools, eSkill enables talent acquisition professionals to implement a streamlined and effective approach to hiring.

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