ESkill Why Video Interviews Are Critical

To keep pace with the recent changes in workforce dynamics, HR professionals must adopt modern hiring practices that leverage data-driven insights and help them make informed hiring decisions. Companies that adapt quickly to remote hiring practices will experience markedly less disruption.

On eSkill’s innovative platform, organizations can use on-demand video interviews to evaluate candidates’ skills, cognitive aptitude, and behavioral characteristics objectively and efficiently. By adding eSkill’s on-demand video interviews to their talent acquisition process, organizations can decrease average time-to-hire, improve the candidate experience, and select top candidates with predictive accuracy.

Evaluate Talent Rapidly With On-Demand Video Interviews

Even before the coronavirus pandemic sent unemployment rates to the highest they have been in decades, posting a job for a remote position attracted hundreds of applicants. Now, remote job postings are receiving an overwhelming number of applications.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviews help expedite the hiring process and require less manual labor. On-demand video interviews, also known as asynchronous video interviews, do not require that someone schedule and reschedule interviews. In fact, no one on the hiring team even needs to be present. Instead, candidates record responses to a set of previously recorded questions.

eSkill is a cloud-based pre-hire solution, so hiring teams can collaborate remotely.

On eSkill’s user-friendly Employer Dashboard, hiring teams can review, score, and share the results of interviews with colleagues anytime and from anywhere.

eSkill’s comprehensive integration capabilities save employers valuable time during the hiring process. eSkill’s suite of pre-employment hiring tools seamlessly integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and learning management systems (LMS). Since eSkill easily syncs up with existing HR tech stacks, talent acquisition professionals can efficiently recruit, evaluate, select, develop, and retain talent on one easy-to-use platform. And with technical assistance available to candidates 24/7, on-demand interviews are simple for HR professionals.

Reduce Bias and Improve Results

Traditional unstructured interview processes are flawed at best. Without a systematic process in place to ask every candidate the same set of questions in the same order, interviews are riddled with subjectivity and lack the validity to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) guidelines.

On the other hand, structured interviews are a reliable and valid measure because they create a standardized process for conducting and scoring interviews. Research definitively proves that structured interviews are more objective, consistent, and better predictors of on-the-job performance. With eSkill’s innovative on-demand video interviewing software, organizations can easily administer and score candidates’ responses objectively and validly.

eSkill’s Team Scoring feature enables multiple reviewers to evaluate interview responses using pre-defined scoring criteria. Doing so allows an administrator to aggregate the scores of reviewers to further improve the consistency of interview evaluations.

Standardized team scoring practices also help curb inherent biases in the interview process. Since video responses are available for playback, the negative impact of faulty memory recall– often clouded by unconscious bias, is eliminated. With subjectivity removed from the interview process, a more accurate evaluation of candidates is possible.

Evaluate Candidates’ Skills and Aptitude with Predictive Accuracy

Organizations should evaluate both hard and soft skills with on-demand video interview questions and pre-employment skills tests. Evaluating candidates’ technical skills for nearly any position across sectors is possible with eSkill’s extensive library of skill- and job-specific assessments. On eSkill’s Employer Dashboard, hiring teams can combine or edit any skills test to create a comprehensive assessment that meets the exact requirements of a position. 

Beyond job knowledge and technical skills, top candidates in today’s talent market must possess in-demand soft skills such as communication and presentation skills to be successful. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute predicts that over half of all current job activities will not be necessary by 2055 and that this will result in an estimated 24% rise in the demand for soft skills amongst U.S. and European workers. Research shows that structured interviews that consistently use the same situational- and behavioral-based questions are viable measures of soft skills,.

Whether you are hiring a sales representative or a software developer, communication is critical to success in any company culture. When it comes to evaluating soft skills, inconsistent, unstructured interviews are susceptible to unconscious bias. Taking time to assess soft skills, such as communication and presentation skills using predictive hiring tools such as structured on-demand video interviews is the key to identifying top talent.

Creating a virtual hiring process with on-demand video interviews and skills tests enables organizations to hire top remote talent from a vast talent pool with little effort. Quickly scale your talent acquisition efforts effectively and efficiently with eSkill’s innovative suite of hiring solutions.

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