Can Candidates Login to Pre-Employment Assessments on LinkedIn?

Yes. If a candidate has a LinkedIn account, s/he can login to a Pre-Employment Assessments on LinkedIn by selecting Sign in with LinkedIn on the Test Taker Login page. Signing in to pre-employment assessments via LinkedIn allows for the login fields to be completed automatically with the first name, last name, and e-mail address from […]

What Happens to My Answers When Test Time Expires?

When time expires on a skills test, your last answer is automatically saved. If the time allowed for the hiring assessment test expires, all the answers you’ve entered are submitted. If the time allowed for a question expires, you won’t be able to answer that question and a notification will appear providing instructions about what to do next. For […]

Can I login to an employment test with Facebook or LinkedIn?

You can login to a pre-employment assessment with your LinkedIn account. Unfortunately, this is not possible on Facebook at this time. To sign in to an employment test on LinkedIn open the evaluation link and select Sign in With LinkedIn on the Test Taker Login page.The login fields automatically be populated with the first name, […]

Can I take an eSkill assessment on a mobile device?

If you are accessing an employment test from a mobile device, please be aware of the following: • We recommend completing typing and data entry tests on a desktop or laptop computer since a traditional keyboard will enable us to better assess your skills. • Tablets and mobile devices are not compatible with simulation questions—those […]

What if a question or employment test takes too long to load?

Load time issues on pre-employment assessments and skills tests are commonly caused by a slow Internet connection or the computer you’re using. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem. • Clear the cache, cookies, and history from your browser. Then close the browser and reopen it. • When you’re taking the test, make sure […]

How do I report an error with a question or hiring assessment?

There are two ways to report a problem with a question or a pre-employment assessment. • Contact us by email and provide as many details possible. Please include a screenshot if possible. • While you are taking the hiring assessment, click on Please report any problems with this question at the bottom of the question window.

Hiring assessment wasn’t related to my skills

eSkill is the hosting site for companies that conduct pre-employment hiring assessments. We do not issue test results. Please refer to the email with the test ID or test invitation the job ad to contact the company that sent the employment test.

What should I do if my pre-employment assessment froze?

If your pre-employment assessment freezes while you are taking it, please close the browser and then try again. Please check your system settings to ensure that they provide the optimal conditions for taking the test. Then resume your pre-employment assessment session by logging back in using exactly the same information (First Name, Last Name, and […]

What if I get a 504 error during a pre-employment assessment?

If you get see a 504 error page while you’re taking a pre-employment assessment, please close the browser and try again. You can resume your assessment session by logging back in using exactly the same information (First Name, Last Name, and Email Address) that you used initially. For troubleshooting purposes, please also contact us by […]

How long is the skills test or hiring assessment?

eSkill acts as the host for organizations that conduct skills testing, but your assessment or test was created by the company that sent you the invitation. Both the time allotted for hiring assessment tests and the number of questions the tests include are at the discretion of the company. If you have questions about a […]
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