How do I access the assessment?

To begin the eSkill Assessment, you should have received an invitation from the hiring company. The invitation will contain a link and an assessment ID. To access the assessment, copy and paste the link into your preferred browser (see browser recommendations) or type your ID into the ‘Assessment Taker Login’ found at

What type of questions will I be asked? How long is the assessment?

eSkill acts as the host for organizations that conduct skills testing, however the assessment was configured by the company that sent you the invitation. If you have questions about a specific assessment properties (length, content or expiration), please refer to the contact at the hiring company directly.

My assessment is unavailable/expired

eSkill is the hosting site for company testing. We do not issue the assessment, assessment ID or results. If you were requested to take an assessment and received an inactive assessment link or ID, please contact the hiring company directly for further information regarding a new link.

What is my Assessment ID?

The assessment ID can be found at the end of the assessment link, sent to you by the hiring company. There you will find the assessment URL which includes the assessment ID (following the ‘=’ within the link). If you do not have access to this link or ID, kindly refer to the point of […]

Can I take the assessment on my phone or tablet?

For the best testing experience, eSkill recommends testing from a computer or laptop on a preferred browser (Link to Technical requirements). Tablets and mobile devices are compatible with our system WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS: Simulation questions – our goal is to recreate the working environment of computer programs as accurately as possible. Typing questions – […]

Can I have more time on my assessment?

Please note that eSkill is the hosting site for company testing, we do not issue the assessment. If you are requested to complete an assessment and need additional time on your assessment, please contact the hiring company directly for assistance with accommodations.
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