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Customer overview

GL Staffing Services Inc. is one of the largest privately owned staffing companies in Florida. Each year, GL Staffing Services helps place more than 3,000 people in jobs at over 250 companies. In addition, GL Staffing Services hires external field employees for its clients and internal admin employees for its own corporate office. The company’s main goal is to help its clients find the right candidates, while reducing the time and cost to make each hire.

Business challenge:

In 2018, the company placed 300 candidates/month, which was 2 times more than in the previous year. The main goals for GL Staffing were to:

  • implement a testing platform that is accurate, streamlined, and easy to use
  • maintain the quality of its hires as recruiting volumes increased across multiple locations
  • easily track candidates’ skills sets


GL Staffing created a customized Microsoft Office skills simulation test that it gives to all candidates applying for administrative assistant positions. After administering the tests to all candidates, GL Staffing’s HR team needed only five minutes to create the test, and 25 minutes to complete the entire process of testing candidates and checking their results:

  • Only candidates who passed with a score of 80% or higher moved on to the interview process.
  • eSkill eliminated approximately 70% of applicants.
  • Retention is approximately 30% higher than before eSkill.

Benefits at a glance

eSkill improved GL Staffing Services recruiting efficiency:

  • Reduced the costs of candidate selection by 63%
  • Reduced the time-to-hire by 66%, from 5 days to 3 days
  • Turnover is about 5% now, saving $500-$800 or more per candidate.
  • Placement rates have improved by nearly 30%.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) was immediate.

The managers’ interview time was spent only on the very best candidates, and repetitive résumé reading was eliminated. With eSkill, candidates now have a better overall testing experience, especially because of our simulation questions and flexible system requirements.

Before choosing eSkill, we did a lot of research. We tried the competition, but we could not customize the tests, so it was not a good option for us. Jabes Berrios, our corporate employee, tried eSkill at Oxygen Development, and, since then, we implemented eSkill with the help of Melisa Gates, our dedicated client success manager. Melisa always takes the time to help with customization and training. When we made the decision to switch to eSkill, we considered the price, eSkill’s exhaustive list of skill tests, and the ease of use of the platform. We can never look back now.

Roberta Herrera Corporate Recruiter, GL Staffing Services Inc.

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