What Is MS Word Skills Test Simulation

With tens of millions of users around the globe, Microsoft Word is unquestionably the most popular word processing solution on the planet. While the widespread usage of this software makes it easy for employers to find candidates familiar with the product, it is much more difficult to determine which applicants possess high-level proficiency with Word.

You have likely encountered this issue yourself as you scour the scarce talent pool during this unprecedented worker shortage. If so, you have undoubtedly explored ways to measure candidates’ MS Word skills more effectively. Fortunately, MS Word skills tests offer the ideal solution.

If you are not sure what an MS Word skills assessment entails, trust us, you are not alone. To clear up the confusion, the team at eSkill has created this guide to two invaluable MS Word screening tools: the MS Word skills tests and the MS Word simulation tests.

What Is an MS Word Skill Test?

In the general sense, a “skills test” is a candidate screening instrument designed to measure abilities essential for performing a particular set of job duties. There are hundreds of skills tests designed for specific professions and roles.

Most skills tests measure “hard skills,” which are abilities unique to a certain career or position. However, some skills tests gauge “soft skills,” which are not job-specific abilities but are essential to an individual’s success within your company. Examples include communication, emotional intelligence, and attention to detail.

As the name suggests, an MS Word skill test measures a candidate’s proficiency with Microsoft Word. The MS Office 2019 Word skill test includes 40 questions of various types, such as multiple-choice, true/false, and select all that apply. It covers key topics like document formatting, inserting objects, managing and setting up documents, new features in Word 2019, and working with references.

When candidates have completed this skills test, their results are immediately viewable via an online reporting dashboard. Your hiring team can review their cumulative score and their section-by-section performance.

Candidates who perform well on an MS Word skill test typically possess the necessary skills to efficiently use the application. Conversely, those who score poorly will need more training before effectively using the program or may be a poor fit for your organization.

MS Word Skills Assessment vs. MS Word Simulation

The MS Office 2019 Word Simulation immerses applicants in an interactive simulation of the Word application. During this simulation-style skills test, candidates must perform 20 real-world tasks, including customizing documents, adjusting document layouts, formatting a file, using insert operations, and navigating the toolbar.

Some employers favor the Word simulator over the traditional skills tests because candidates cannot make any “lucky guesses” or artificially enhance their scores. If they are not familiar with Microsoft Word and its capabilities, the simulator will reveal their deficiencies.

Using both skills tests in conjunction is the most effective way to gauge a candidate’s proficiency with Word. If they perform well on the simulator and standard skills test, they have a strong working knowledge of the application. 

Is the Microsoft Word Skills Test Online?

Yes, you can administer the Microsoft Word skills test online. eSkill’s user-friendly testing platform makes screening candidates seamless and efficient.

When your hiring team wants to screen a candidate, they can log into the testing dashboard, assign a skills test, and email a link to the assessment taker. The applicant needs to log in and complete their assigned skills test within the allotted time. Their results will be automatically uploaded once the skills test is complete.

Online skills testing is more efficient and cost-effective than on-site screening. You will no longer need to purchase costly testing materials or assign your HR staff to proctor exams. Online skills testing has become increasingly essential as more businesses transition to hybrid or remote work models.

Benefits of MS Word Skills Assessments

MS Word skill assessments provide quantifiable data on each applicant’s proficiency with Microsoft Word, which takes the guesswork out of hiring and allows your team to make informed decisions based on documentable performance data. A data-driven approach leads to better hiring and protects your business from accusations of unfair screening practices.

By implementing MS Word skill tests, you can also expedite the screening process. Your staff can eliminate underqualified individuals from the hiring pool and interview only the most skilled candidates.

Testing also improves the development and delivery of employee training programs. Your team can discover which areas require improvement by testing employees before developing training. Conversely, post-training testing can help you determine whether the program works.

Are you ready to use MS Word skill tests and simulations to hire better and faster? Contact us to request a demo.

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