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Ryan LLC (Ryan) offers tax consulting, advocacy, and tax assistance to top companies in a variety of industries such as real estate, oil and gas, business services, transportation, and utilities.

It is the world’s largest tax consulting firm that is focused primarily on corporate tax services. With more than 75 global tax services, Ryan’s expertise in every major tax area is second to none in the industry. Last year alone, its multidisciplinary strategy helped premier global clients save over $2.5 billion in taxes.


Ryan needed an easier way to assess applicants to ensure it was hiring the best-qualified employees, minimizing hiring “mistakes,” reducing turnover and improving hiring outcomes. The human resources (HR) team was using IBM Kenexa, but it was very expensive because they had to pay for each test individually. This became cost-prohibitive because many positions required candidates to complete up to five assessments.

The team decided there had to be a better way, and began to research skills testing solutions that were more compatible with its hiring needs.


After evaluating several assessment solution partners, Ryan’s “shortlist” consisted of HireSelect, SkillCheck, InterviewMocha, and eSkill.

The HR team selected eSkill because not only did it match their requirements, it offered them the ability to create custom Skills Tests for each of their job roles. They were also impressed with eSkill’s intuitive user interface that was easy to use for both recruiters and applicants, and the clear, easy-to-follow instructions that were available.

The ultimate deciding factor was cost and ease of use. eSkill’s annual subscription would allow the Ryan HR team to create an unlimited number of Skills Tests each year.


Ryan quickly implemented eSkill with the support of eSkill’s Client Success Team, and started using it to screen applicants and hire top candidates. eSkill provided training when Ryan upgraded its platforms, and also provided virtual integration support to the company’s offshore team in India.


The scoring format of eSkill’s assessments made it much easier for recruiters and hiring managers to review and manage skills test scores, and has given them the confidence that they are hiring the most qualified candidates.

When the team used IBM Kenexa, most skills tests showed a failing score, but a failing score was average, which meant it was difficult to evaluate test results. Recruiters now find it much easier to review test scores since the eSkill test center is easier to use and less confusing.

The Ryan HR team also found they could use eSkill internally to identify employees who were ready to be promoted or could be with additional training. They are excited about using eSkill for employee development and training in the future.

Overall, the team at Ryan has found that it can screen and hire candidates more efficiently and improve hiring outcomes because of the test customization flexibility that eSkill offers. Ryan also appreciates the great customer service that eSkill offers as well as the annual subscription that allows the HR team to create an unlimited number of Skills Tests.

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As summarized by Jennifer Steinbrenner, Talent Acquisition Manager, “eSkill has provided us with a way to manage quality skills testing for candidates in one centralized location. Their customer support is exemplary, and they make it easier to find great talent!

Her staff feels the same way.

eSkill allows our team to hire top talent and be confident that we are making the correct decision in each hire”

~ Megan Baldock, Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

eSkill has helped me tremendously while recruiting candidates at different levels. They offer several tools that allow us to easily assess candidate abilities using the Skills Tests that are provided.”

~ Jordan Jobe, Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

eSkill helps us determine a candidate’s true skill set with Microsoft Office. While someone might say they’re an expert with a specific tool, the test will give a true assessment that our team can count on.

~ Gregory Carathimas, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

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