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TaskUs is a leading global provider of outsourced digital and next-generation customer experience services that help eCommerce, healthcare, financial, entertainment/gaming travel, and social media companies clients represent, protect and grow their brands.

Founded in 2008, TaskUs is based in New Braunfels, TX, and employs around 43,000 employees in eight countries. Its principal operations are in the Philippines, where 70% of its employees are based.

TaskUs generates almost half of its revenue by providing content moderation services for Facebook and Doordash. Other clients include Coinbase, Netflix, Zoom, AutoDesk, and Uber.

The Situation

Like many companies that maintain call centers, TaskUs has a big problem with turnover. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average turnover rate across all industries is 15%. However, call centers typically have much higher turnover—often 45% or more due to the repetitive nature of the work, pay rate, lack of schedule flexibility, and poor advancement opportunities. There is also a high burnout factor because employees work in a stressful environment and often interact with abusive customers.

High turnover lowers productivity and negatively affects employee morale. It is also expensive. According to Employee Benefits News, turnover costs 33% of an employee’s annual salary.

TaskUs knew it was possible to reduce turnover by screening applicants thoroughly to ensure good job fit. The team was using SHL as its assessment provider but decided to explore other options. HR consultants felt the SHL solution did not provide them with the flexibility to create skills assessments that perfectly matched clients’ job roles. They were also disappointed with the value they were receiving for the annual subscription cost. So, they began researching assessment solutions that would help them improve quality of hire.

The Solution

TaskUs evaluated HireVue, Harver and eSkill, and selected eSkill because it offered the best customization options and delivered maximum value for the annual subscription cost. They had access to an extensive Assessment Library that offered hundreds of pre-prepared skills tests. They could also edit the off-the-shelf assessments using questions from various skills tests and build wholly customized assessments using questions from the Library and their own questions.


TaskUs worked with eSkill to integrate the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform with Workday, their applicant tracking system (ATS), and build their first assessments. They could soon proceed independently because the HR consultants found eSkill easy to learn, use and manage.

Since TaskUs works with a diverse clientele, it was essential to have a thorough understanding of each client’s business and company culture. HR consultants also needed to understand each job role’s responsibilities and objectives to improve quality of hire so they could provide clients with top-flight service.

They began by meeting with operational leaders at each client company and “shadowed” employees to understand what types of candidates they needed to find. Then they selected skills tests that aligned with each job role and built customized assessments where necessary.

TaskUs could select from hundreds of assessments in the eSkill Library that measured job-related skills such as computer proficiency and typing speed/accuracy and cognitive skills such as logic and reasoning. They could also include behavioral assessments to evaluate soft skills such as empathy, problem-solving and conflict management, and decision-making.

Behavioral assessments were essential to the process since they helped TaskUs identify candidates with good job fit. This enabled them to identify candidates who had a good chance of succeeding in each job role, which they hoped would help reduce turnover.

TaskUs established a benchmark for each job role by asking employees who currently perform the job to complete the assessment. This allowed them to test the validity of assessments by correlating them with employees’ performance ratings. If high-performing employees got high scores, it confirmed that an assessment was valid for the job role.

The Results

Once TaskUs implemented the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform, HR consultants could instantly screen applicants and identify top candidates. This saved them hours of time, helped them improve quality of hire, and enabled them to decrease recruiting costs. It also helped them reduce turnover because a larger percentage of new hires completed training instead of dropping out midway through the process.

As Jo-Isabel Longoria, Director of People Ops, explained, “Before we started using eSkill, only 78% of our new hires graduated from training. After implementation, our graduation rate shot up to 98% and has remained above 90%.”

Please request a demo to learn how implementing the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform can help you improve quality of hire so you can reduce turnover in your call center.

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