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The Town of Okotoks is located in the Province of Alberta, Canada. It has a population of approximately 28,881, which makes it the largest town in Alberta. Its location 11 miles south of Calgary also makes it an ideal location for people who work in the city but prefer to live in a suburban environment.


A senior member of the HR team reviewed and evaluated several products and solutions and recommended eSkill because it allowed recruiters and hiring managers to create and customize computer skills tests and job-related employment assessments and receive the results by email. The reviewer was also impressed with how easy test results were to evaluate and interpret.


Implementation was so easy that the Town didn’t require assistance with ramp up or integrating eSkill with LaserFiche, its ATS or Avanti, its LMS. Therefore, recruiters and managers could start using it immediately to screen final candidates before making hiring decisions and extending offer letters. The team also found that using simulation questions in most, if not all of skills tests helps them choose the best candidates since they can see how they perform in a realistic job environment.


Now that the Town has implemented eSkill, recruiters have found that they can easily identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses quickly and efficiently. If a strong applicant has training “gaps,” hiring managers can either decide to move forward with the hire and work with the employee to develop those skills or move on to the next candidate. The Town believes that using eSkill will help them increase employee productivity, reduce turnover and make training time more productive. Meanwhile, they can rest assured that they will not encounter any compliance problems since they have the data needed to support and legally defend hiring decisions.

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