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Improve Hiring Outcomes

The eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM provides and supports merit-based employment programs in local, state, and federal government agencies.

eSkill has helped hundreds of agencies improve hiring outcomes by enabling them to develop validated custom assessments that perfectly match their job roles. All have streamlined their recruiting process by instantly screening large volumes of candidates and scoring, ranking, and reporting results in minutes. Many have reduced hiring costs by approximately 70% and decreased time-to-hire by 60%.

The eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM includes products and solutions that enable HR leaders to create, customize, validate, score and manage assessments to screen candidates for open roles while maintaining compliance with industry and federal regulations

Assessment LibraryOur comprehensive library contains 65,000+ validated skills assessments.
Customized AssessmentsUse the skills tests in the Assessment Library or build your own by choosing questions from multiple subject and topic areas.
eSkill AuthorAdd existing paper test content or create your own custom questions using this feature.
Video Response QuestionsAllow candidates to record their responses to your standard questions.
SimulationsPresent candidates with job related simulations that mimic the system commonly used; allowing the candidates to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks.
Situational Judgement TestPresent candidates with situations that will require them to consider five potentially correct answers and provide their “best” response to the scenario.
Behavioral AssessmentsEvaluate a candidate’s personality and work style, and learn what motivates them so you can predict how successful they will be in a job.
ProctoringMonitor test takers to ensure the integrity of results. Available in “record and review” or “live proctoring” formats.
Team ScoringSet up group interviews where each member “blindly” evaluates candidates’ responses according to a customized set of criteria.
Assessment ValidationConduct a statistical validation study and job analysis to ensure an assessment is relevant to a job and free of bias.
Test DigitalizationConvert paper-based skills tests or training materials into online assessments within 48 hours.
Test Hosting and ManagementCreate a secure online platform to host and manage civil service and industry certification exams.
Client Success Manager(CSM)Helps you design and develop assessments and partners with you to implement hiring solutions and strategies.
Integration With HR SystemIntegrates seamlessly with NEOGOV, Workday, iCIMS, and many more.
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Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has been a client since 2012. The most recent project, starting implementation in late 2020, involves consolidating the pre-hire testing processes of 118 locations in eight ‘Service Centers’ across six (6) continents in one transparent account. The next expansion phase includes mapping our 65,000+ Assessment Library to the Government of Canada’s behavioral and technical competencies for competency-specific candidate pool assessment centers.

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World Health Organization

The World Health Organization uses the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM to assess positions agency-wide. They use some pre-prepared skills assessments, but most testing is done on-site. Candidates are given a scenario and set of problems, and they have two hours to think of a plan and write a document that offers a solution. Scenarios are real-life job situations that have either already been addressed or have to be addressed. This document is then evaluated and scored by an interview team using predetermined criteria.

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City of Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia has been using skills testing for two years to assess candidates who apply for non-managerial positions, including general clerical and administrative positions. Most positions are in the Health and Human Services, Public Works, and Public Safety areas, and ensure candidates have the required skills to do the job. The tests are used to test knowledge as well as job concepts.

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State of Colorado

The State of Colorado uses skills testing in 11 agencies and four educational institutions statewide, including the Department of Personnel & Administration, Department of Revenue, and Colorado State University. They assess candidates who apply for non-managerial positions using assessments such as Administrative Assistant, Reading Comprehension, and Attention to Detail, as well as the Excel Simulation to test candidates’ skills and knowledge of job concepts.

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