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In today’s recruiting landscape, most candidates find their way to a position through a multitude of sources, directly and indirectly. The recruiting process snakes back to student job fairs and brand marketing, leading to talent pools and finally hires. Gone are the days of knowing exactly where a company makes first contact with a candidate, of simply posting a job ad in the classifieds section of the local newspaper and getting responses only from people who saw it. Now the points of contact are more numerous and happen at different stages of the recruitment process.

Determining where candidates are finding your company and your job openings has become harder than ever, which means it’s tough to figure out what sources of recruitment you should spend more time and money on to reach the largest talent pool. The answer, albeit not ideal or straightforward, is that you should continue to focus on most of them. Candidates are reached in a myriad of ways, and to stay competitive in the recruiting market you should continue to reach them wherever they are.

Here are the top 9 recruitment sources your company should continuously leverage to reach the best talent out there.

  1. Job Boards. Perhaps one of the main recruitment sources, job boards have grown thanks to the ease of online job searches. Think of where your talent pool would go to find a job—if you’re looking for a graphic designer, post your job on boards that designers usually visit. Post jobs in general job boards as well, especially when looking for entry-level candidates, as they tend to go there first.
  2. Company Website. Posting all job opportunities on your company’s website is a given. Whether candidates arrive there directly or are directed there from another site, this is the place where all your recruiting lives. On your own website, you can post not only job openings but also FAQ’s about working at your company, like benefits offered and anything that helps your company stand out.
  3. ‘>Social Media. LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, among others—these social media networks are key recruiting sources. Nowadays most candidates are on one or all of these networks, making them a perfect place to promote your job openings. Yet social media is not just for posting jobs; it also offers an opportunity for a conversation. It’s a place where you can promote your company’s brand and contribute insightful information about your company and industry. Once you build a foundation with your followers, they’ll be more likely to come directly to you when seeking a new job.
  4. Referrals. One of the fastest growing recruiting sources out there is employee referrals. Tapping into your existing workforce to get new talent is a smart strategy. Consider offering referral incentives, like bonuses. Make sure your employees know that they can refer candidates to current openings. Establish a system for doing so, whether it’s having the employee submitting the candidate’s resume for him or specifically asking for an employee referral in all your job applications.
  5. Direct Contact. Similar to employee referrals, direct contact leverages current employees specifically going after a candidate. This usually works well with senior-level staff, since they know very well what the company is looking for and they have wide professional networks. These employees seek out candidates, cultivate relationships, and bring them in as referrals when the right time comes.
  6. Temp-to-Hires. Another way to bring in new employees is through temporary or part-time employment first. Portals that help you find temporary and seasonal employees can all be seen as a recruiting source. Consider offering good temps and contingent employees a permanent position in your company.
  7. Career Fairs. Having a company presence at career fairs puts you in the center of a pool of candidates. This works better if you’re looking for candidates with a certain skill set—like software development or graphic design—as industry-specific career fairs tend to yield more potential candidates. Also consider career fairs at colleges and universities, which offer a great opportunity to reach a pool of potential entry-level candidates.
  8. Agency. Depending on your company’s needs, you may require the help of a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies can be cost-effective options for finding top candidates from wider talent pools, or to find heavily sought-after candidates in more specialized industries. When considering the services of a recruiting agency, take time to weigh the pros and cons, since for some companies it’s not worth the cost.
  9. Newspapers. Although they’re old school, print job ads are still playing a role in the recruiting scene, especially considering the papers’ online presence. Depending on the job and the industry, more of the candidates you’re looking for may rely on print job ads when searching for openings. More so, however, is the possibility of reaching a wider audience by posting ads in the print edition and posting them on the newspaper’s website as well.

Understanding what recruiting sources are at your disposal and how to leverage them is a key first step to maximizing your talent acquisition. Which one of these sources seems to work best for your company? Have you successfully tried others?

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  • Alan Pimth says:

    I think placing job ads on social media is one of the best ways to find the candidates. Nowadays almost everyone has a profile on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. It’s a great way to get personal connection with applicants and get to know them prior to having a job interview.

  • Cathy Sollis says:

    Very useful article! I think all the sources are good and it pretty much depends on company’s needs which source is to use at a certain moment. No doubt that it’s necessary to place a job ad on the company’s website, so that the people will be able to see what current positions a company has. Recruiting agencies can be very helpful in finding job candidates as well.

  • Gregg Harper says:

    Social Media is my first choice when it comes to jobs ads. As Alan said, almost everyone has a profile on a social media platform and nowadays people are really active on these platforms. Employee referrals are a suitable choice too and if your company is looking for some interns or students, career fairs are a great opportunity to make your company more visible among them.

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