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About Sitel

eSkill client, Sitel, is a company that delivers innovative solutions across all stages of customer experience. Sitel Group is a leader in the delivery of traditional and transformational customer experience management. Our comprehensive and innovative solutions help our clients effectively harness the industry’s explosive digital transformation. From simplifying complexities and challenges your organization faces to implementing omnichannel technologies, we help keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. Experience is everything at Sitel Group – it’s what sets us apart from the rest.

The Challenge

Before using eSkill, Sitel:

  • didn’t screen employees with a tool predicting their success in training
  • couldn’t see the relationship between candidates’ cognitive skills and their capacity to pass a training exam

The Solution

A client since 2007, Sitel uses eSkill pre-employment assessment tests to hire for positions like Customer Care Specialist, Data Entry Operator, and Recruiting Analyst and to assess the abilities of their employees in-house.

They chose eSkill because they could customize and control the screening experience, and customize skills tests down to the question, making them relevant according to subject and skill level.

When hiring new employees, Sitel uses the Pass/Fail  feature to develop a workflow for pre-qualification questions. Pass sends candidates to the next test and fail sends them to the recruiter for discussion.

One example of assessing their employees in-house included creating a General Reasoning Ability Assessment and the Wave 40, an assessment used to qualify individuals for a license to sell insurance.

Sitel also worked with eSkill to determine the core set of skills for their hired agents, including Numerical Reasoning, Logical Thinking, Visual Logic, Visual Reasoning, Deductive Ability, and Data Interpretation Ability. The company uploaded 15 custom questions from the eSkill platform, and employees were given approximately 90 minutes to complete the test.

The Results

After using eSkill assessments, Sitel:

  • reduced costs by not wasting resources to train employees whose assessments showed they would be unlikely to pass a post-training exam
  • knew how to design a test to gather information pertinent to company goals.

Sitel found that candidates scoring 80% and above passed their post-training test on the first attempt. Candidates who scored between 60-79% passed the test on the second attempt. Those who scored less than 60% were unable to pass the post-training test after three attempts.

They key to a relevant, valid, and predictive test is using questions that cover appropriate subjects and that are directly linked to the job’s tasks. eSkill offers more than 1,000 standard tests, over 600 combinable subjects, and over 5,000 selectable subtopics – plus the ability to create custom questions to match any complex job requirements.  The tests are predictive, time-efficient, and legally defensible. 

Click here to see how eStill can help you develop both hiring and in-house assessments.

Why do our clients choose eSkill over other assessment providers?

    • Our easily customizable tests have maximum efficiency, relevance, and validity.
    • Our skills test library is the most complete in the industry.
    • Each client gets a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Manager who will provide you with a quick setup, training, and help with designing and implementing assessments.
    • We provide 24/7 live support for clients and test-takers.
    • Test-takers can reliably take tests on any computer or browser with no need for plug-ins or downloads.
    • Our simulations have multiple correct solutions, giving you a more accurate picture of candidates’ on-the-job performance.
    • Our clients have unlimited use of eSkill tests and our competency library, which has over 600 combinable subjects, over 5,000 selectable subtopics, over 1,200 standard tests.
    • eSkill clients can add voice and video interviewing to skills testing for a seamless and complete candidate evaluation.
    • eSkill has a nearly 20-year track record of legal compliance.

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