Hannah N. Filley, MAOP

Founder, HK Organizational Solutions

Is your pre-employment testing process selecting the best possible candidates for your positions?

Do you wish your testing content painted an accurate representation of the on-the-job duties and skills required for your positions?

By attending this webinar, you will learn how customized, professionally developed testing content solves many issues that public sector faces today, and how you can establish a professionally developed internal employee testing library within your own organization.

Hannah will share her expertise from the public education and municipal sector on how leveraging eSkill’s Talent Assessment PlatformTM can take your testing process from a painful, ineffective burden to a valuable, time-saving screening tool.


  • How schools and cities benefit from utilizing professionally developed assessments
  • How to leverage eSkill and HK Organizational Solutions to master your internal testing library
  • How to become a change instigator to help develop your organization’s hiring processes

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and Managers
  • Recruiting Professionals
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Talent Professionals

About Our Speaker

Hannah Filley, Organizational Psychologist, Founder, HK Organizational Solutions

Hannah is an Organizational Psychologist with seven years of psychometrics, assessments, and human resources experience within Academia, Private and Public Sectors. She is a professional consultant in Education, City, County, and State hiring processes within California and throughout the United States. She is based in San Diego, California.

About HK Organizational Solutions

HK Organizational Solutions was founded with the mission of providing high-quality pre-employment assessment content, tools, and advice to the public sector. We work with public sector school districts, cities, counties, state, and federal organizations. Our expertise in the unique laws and guidelines that the public sector adheres to, as well as our expertise in working with organizations similar to yours, grants us a more in-depth approach to solving your organizational hiring problems.

HK Organizational Solutions has partnered with eSkill to provide customized, professional assessment services to the public sector. Clients new to transitioning to utilizing eSkill and clients that currently use eSkill but know they are not utilizing the platform to its full potential can benefit from our professional consulting services. HK Organizational Solutions provides the development of the content specific to your organization’s positions and programs, management of the transition of your current testing systems to work within eSkill’s Talent Assessment PlatformTM and trains your staff on how to best administer and manage your employment testing platform.