Darian Probetts

Talent Acquisition Advisor
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

When you have dozens or even hundreds of open positions, finding the time to comb through each candidate’s qualifications can be a struggle. Equally challenging is recruiting and evaluating candidates to fill specialist positions.

Daria Probetts and her team understand the stress of high-volume recruiting and the struggle to find and retain good candidates. They have developed strategies using eSkill assessments that not only save time but also deliver higher quality candidates to a wide variety of departments, from administrative to engineering to security.

In this free webinar, Darian will share her experience with high-volume recruitment and how she utilizes her Client Success Manager to develop the most valuable time-saving tests, evaluate the data, and build custom assessments that reduce barriers for candidates.


  • Methods for handling the logistics of high-volume recruiting
  • Strategies for updating and building new skills tests to support recruiting efforts and reduce barriers for candidates
  • How to create pools of candidates based on their skills test performance
  • Ways your Client Success Manager can help you determine pass rates for tests
  • Strategies to improve retention in the current market

Who Should Attend

  • Recruiting Staff
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Mid and Top-Level Managers

About Our Speaker

As the Talent Acquisition Advisor for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Darian is responsible for fulfilling all recruitment needs through full-cycle recruitment, sourcing, and workforce planning. She has experience with both high-volume recruitment and niche markets and is currently filling more than 100 open positions.

She understands the challenges in the current hiring environment and analyzes both retention and recruitment strategies.

Darian loves positively impacting those around her and enjoys helping candidates find their dream jobs. She has a wealth of information and experience, is an exceptional problem solver, and is excited to share her insight with you.

About Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, and a world leader in developing nuclear technology for peaceful and innovative applications. CNL is focused on providing clean energy, restoring, and protecting the environment, and improving people’s health worldwide through its innovation in nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, and low-dose radiation research.

CNL has approximately 3,000 employees working in laboratory or project sites across Canada in a wide range of disciplines. Their strength lies in their people. These individuals develop valuable skills, experience, and abilities at CNR.