What Do Pre-Employment Assessments Measure?

Determining the candidate that will be the ideal fit for your organization for years to come is an arduous task when you have only a resume and interview to review. Pre-employment assessments are a hiring tool that can give you additional insight into candidates’ abilities and aptitude. The skills and characteristics that are measured vary […]

Pre-employment assessment tests – A selection of popular tests

A well-developed skills test can shed light on candidate aptitude and suitability. But the wrong hiring test can hurt the candidate experience and impede your decision-making. There are many types of pre-employment assessments available today. In this article, we will focus on two common types: the psychological test completed by job applicants and the interview. […]

Why Is It So Hard to Find Talented and Skilled Employees?

It is not a myth! The “Skills Gap” is real. But the question is why? If you speak to job seekers, they will tell you they are talented and skilled, yet no one calls them back. Yet, when speaking with recruiters and companies who are actively looking to hire, they say it is very difficult […]