Hire your Next Leaders using Leadership Skills Tests

Article after article over the past several years has talked about the crisis in leadership. Whether it is in politics or in business, people are less than happy with their leadership. One study revealed, “Less than a quarter of people see leaders as effective, while just 13% think their leaders take appropriate responsibility.” Another study […]

Why HR Managers Make the Best CEOs

Since as far back as you can imagine, Human Resource professionals have wanted a seat at the table. Which table you ask? They want a seat at the boardroom table in the C-suite, also known as the executive table. Many HR professionals have spent a lifetime in pursuit of this prestigious seat; however, it seems […]

6 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

Are you feeling stressed at work, and do you have the impression that time is working against you? You are not alone. The majority of employees are working harder and feeling more overwhelmed at work than ever. A Gallup poll showed that the 40-hour work week is now pushing 47 hours for the average American […]

The Most Desirable Leadership Skills for 2019

Each year we all can’t help but to speculate and try to predict what’s going to happen in the new year and as we enter 2019, I can’t help but to wonder what will be the top issues that leaders will face. Based upon my observations in the labor market, a bit of research, and […]