Why Skills Testing Is the Key for Successful Employee Retention

The online technology to acquire and assess professional skills is constantly improving and increasingly being adopted by human resource departments.  This should move hiring away from being driven by networking power to being driven by skills meritocracy. That’s why a critical step in your hiring process should be skills testing. Leaving this step out of your […]

The Top Ten Skills That Employers Want [Part 2]

Many people, including me, have conjectured the skill sets needed to remain employed in the future. One thing is clear: Specific technical skills won’t help you survive. With the fast pace of change today, honing in on one specific technical skill will lead to disaster. By the time you master one technical skill, it will […]

Hire your Next Leaders using Leadership Skills Tests

Article after article over the past several years has talked about the crisis in leadership. Whether it is in politics or in business, people are less than happy with their leadership. One study revealed, “Less than a quarter of people see leaders as effective, while just 13% think their leaders take appropriate responsibility.” Another study […]

Top Job Skills In Demand Right Now

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of the “skills gap” also known as the “talent gap”. This gap represents the deficiencies in the skills needed to be a successful employee versus the available skills in the applicant or candidate pool. Employers have determined that their desired qualifications are not being met by the current labor force. Since every […]