3 Ways to Attract Millennials and Keep Them Engaged

You have probably watched the viral video of Simon Sinek in which he makes a 15-minute analysis about the Millennials’ personality, and why they feel so distracted and disengaged at work.  Simon covers everything from social media addiction to parenting flaws in the generation’s problem. After watching the video, I had in mind to make […]

6 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

Are you feeling stressed at work, and do you have the impression that time is working against you? You are not alone. The majority of employees are working harder and feeling more overwhelmed at work than ever. A Gallup poll showed that the 40-hour work week is now pushing 47 hours for the average American […]

Creative Ways to Boost Employee Motivation

HR understands that employee engagement is also tied to employee happiness, job satisfaction, morale, and motivation. The more you engage your employees and keep morale high, the more likely your employees will be happy, satisfied, and motivated to give their best and perform at their highest level. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, employee engagement […]