How Pre-Employment Assessments Help Top Banks and Credit Unions

When it comes to the banking industry, practicing good ethics, financial skills, and customer service are of utmost importance. Banks and credit unions need consumers to grow their assets and portfolios. When consumers are looking for a financial institution to bank with, they are looking for a knowledgeable and friendly team. Consumers want to trust […]

Why You Should Use Employment Tests in the Selection Process

Even under the best of circumstances, hiring someone is a gamble. You never know for sure if a new hire is going to work out — will he or she be reliable, perform well, and be a good fit for your organization? Although there is no foolproof way to hire, selection tests can certainly improve […]

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Outperformed by a New Hire?

Your employees’ morale will be impacted when they know that a colleague is doing a better job than they are and earning more appreciation from the boss. This is doubly true if that colleague is a new hire, just appointed to a similar role. The motivation of new employees can be intense: They perform the […]

Top Job Skills for Jobs That Don’t Exist Today but Will Soon

Think back to just 10 years ago. Who would have predicted “Uber Driver”, “Manager of Social Media Engagement”, “Cyber Security Officer” or even “App Developer” would be career options, let alone predict the skills training necessary to be a good at any of those jobs? How in the world can you predict the skills necessary […]

What is more important: Knowledge, Skills or Abilities? Can you choose?

Most human resources professionals and managers are familiar with the acronym KSAs, which stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities. We hire on the basis of KSAs. We promote on the basis of KSAs, generally anyway. Often these terms are used almost interchangeably, or in just one big mouthful of KSAs, without making a distinction between […]

Hire for the Skills. Not for the Title.

Once upon a time, a manager was a manager. Organizations had clear hierarchies, and job titles indicated an employee’s experience and level of responsibility, and they meant the same thing to anyone reading a résumé. Not anymore. Today, employment is more fragmented, and a job seeker’s work experience might include freelancing, entrepreneurship, a traditional 9-to-5 […]

The Top Ten Skills That Employers Want [Part 2]

Many people, including me, have conjectured the skill sets needed to remain employed in the future. One thing is clear: Specific technical skills won’t help you survive. With the fast pace of change today, honing in on one specific technical skill will lead to disaster. By the time you master one technical skill, it will […]

The Top Ten Skills That Employers Want [Part 1]

Rapidly changing technology is in the news every day. Headlines about robots replacing workers, AI taking work from office workers, and driverless trucks and cars are making workers and employers wonder what skills will be necessary to keep people employed. If only HR recruiters had a checklist that could precisely tell them what to look […]

The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: How to Staff for Information Technology Security Amidst a Skills Shortage

The shortage of cybersecurity specialists remains at a high level as the cyber attack complexity increases from year to year. At a global level, the labor market fails to meet the demand for qualified staff because technological solutions and security practices must keep pace not only with current Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies but also […]

How to Beat the Skills Gap

With nearly 6,000,000 open jobs in America right now, why are some many people complaining about finding a job? The biggest reason is the Skills Gap, a.k.a. the Talent Gap. But what does it REALLY mean? The defines skills gap as “the difference between skills needed for a job versus skills possessed by a worker.” I […]

Skills Assessment and Training Go Hand and Hand

In a day and age where business’s move at the speed of lightning, employee training is often playing catch up. It’s not enough anymore to just give employees access to a large library of training and expect them to take the time to, well, Train Up. We have to put the right tools and the […]

The Formula That Will Find Your Next Sales Rep

Who would ever pay $4 for an ordinary rock? Well, about 1.5 million people. That’s how many “pet rocks” from Rosarito Beach Gary Dalh sold in only 6 months in 1975. His idea came while his friends were complaining about their pets. Gary joked that the best pet would be a rock. Then he took […]
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