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Much has been written about employing Millennials successfully, and for good reason. They are the largest generation in the workforce.

Therefore, it’s worth noting that, per Delloite, 44% of Millennials say that, if given a choice, they expect to leave their current employers in the next two years. In general, they express little loyalty to their current employers when they feel as if the work they do has little meaning or purpose and is nothing more than a job. They feel they are not being mentored to become leaders and have a negative perception about corporate motivations.

Having this in mind, what can companies do in order to retain Millennials longer and make them more engaged and productive at work?

The secrets are to

  • know their personality and inclinations.
  • understand their work habits.
  • be aware of the industry statistics and adapt to their needs.

This simple and practical infographic breaks down Millennials’ values and ambitions, what drives their job satisfaction, and what they expect out of companies.

View this infographic and find out:

  • What is their favorite working schedule?
  • What are their primary fears and challenges and how you can reduce them?
  • How do you keep them engaged and motivated?
  • How many resources does a job seeker use in his job search
  • How you can reduce Millennial turnover?
  • What are the traits they look for in a leader?

This infographic provides a better understanding of Millennials and useful statistics about this pool of candidates. You can put this knowledge to action by using eSkill’s pre-employment screening assessments to find the Millennials who share your company’s goals and purposes and will want to stay and grow with you.

Click HERE to view Infographic.

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