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Today’s job seeker is a different breed from previous generations. The modern job seeker is usually someone young, who grew up in the internet age, likes adaptability and spends much of his time on a mobile device. From better company perks to being able to work remotely or flexible hours, go at work biking and wearing jeans – modern job seekers have a whole different set of expectations. The opportunities to learn, grow and give back to the community are just a few to name.

So what exactly do they want out of their next job? This infographic breaks down where and when job seekers are looking for new opportunities nowadays, and what they expect out of companies.

View this infographic and find out:

  • 4 traits of the modern job seeker and what his main activities are
  • Why the modern job seeker never stops looking for a new job, even if he was freshly hired
  • What social media platforms he uses and why you should be present there
  • How many resources does a job seeker use in his job search
  • 4 decision factors when choosing a job
  • 7 reasons that can drive the modern job seeker to change his current job

This infographic will provide a better understanding of the modern job seeker and emphasize the statistics in this pool of candidates. Skills assessments are one effective tool for hiring candidates based on real skills fit, which will reduce the chances of them leaving due to falling short of their own expectations.

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